Lyme disease relief due to medical cannabis

Who knew that such a tiny organism could cause such trouble for a healthy man like myself.

And yet, it so did. I went for a picnic that changed my life and not in a good way. There were all kinds of health problems that seemed to be hitting me all at once. I had knee pain one day and severe nausea the next. It finally sent me to the doctor where I was then diagnosed with Lymes disease. I didn’t realize just how intense this experience was going to turn out to be. The symptoms have really put a whack on my body and my immune system Thankfully, I attended a cannabis event where I learned that my symptoms and my recovery from Lymes can be made much easier thanks to medical cannabis. I got as much cannabis information as I could get my hands on in order to learn all I could about medical marijuan benefit. Luckily, my state allows both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. There are legal weed stores that I can get access to without having to deal with all the medical marijuana regulations. When I went to the cannabis dispensary, I found an expert staff that was highly versed in treating someone like me using medical cannabis. After a few questions about the severity and frequency of my symptoms, the staff at the cannabis dispensary had me set up. I having been using the recommended cannabis products now for just a few months. But the results are so encouraging.
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MS gets help with the use of medical cannabis

There are times in life one simply has to accept things.

That’s not something I have ever been very good at.

Having MS changed that perspective entirely. The use of medical marijuana allows me to maintain that perspective. Until I was 43, I was out to solve problems. Managing problems was not something I was willing to accept. To me, it was always a win or lose proposition. And this is how I approached much of my life. But ultimately, the universe ended up showing me that’s just not the natural order of things. Thanks to medical marijuana I am learning that managing a condition like MS is an acceptable outcome. The day I found out that I had MS, it was like I was furious. I simply started doing all the research I could find, making appointments and just basically freaking out in my own way. But my doctor was quick to get me some cannabis information. She told me that I needed to get to the cannabis dispensary and let them find me the cannabis products that would help me cope with MS. It was the only smart thing I did because I was still in a battle state of mind. The folks at the cannabis dispensary really helped me to slow down and realize that medical marijuana was not going to only help my physical symptoms. The medical cannabis would also help me accept my condition and learn that life is livable with MS. It took a month or two before that message fully resonated but it finally did. And I’m happy to allow medical cannabis to help me understand that some things just simply have to managed.


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Medical marijuana really helps in easing the pain

The term bad back never really had much of an impact on me.

It sounded like the complaint of an old man who let his body get grossly out of shape. It was like some sort of a ready complaint to validate poor judgement. Well I am talking out the other side of my mouth when it comes to bad back. Once I hit my mid thirties, I started getting pain in my mid to lower back. From there it just got worse. Today, I am managing a bad back with the help of medical marijuana. This was part of an approach I chose over what the doctors initially wanted to do. It was like my only option was some pretty serious back surgery. Yet, I had seen all of the stats and new that completely successful back surgery was a bit of a phantom. At the same time, I didn’t want to end up down a pill bottle either. It was getting to the point that I couldn’t stand, walk or work without the aid of pain killers. So I found myself at a juncture where neither of the choice were good. This led me to get more cannabis information. I wanted to be able to manage the pain without getting addicted to opioids. Plus, I wanted something natural like medical cannabis as part of more holistic approach to dealing with my back. Surgery just would have to be the last resort. I started seeing a chiropractor, doing yoga and using cannabis products. It’s been over 8 months since I started this regimen. My back is in much better shape. I’d say I don’t even have a bad back anymore. I have a good back thanks to medical cannabis.
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Medical cannabis is helping me deal with Chron’s

An attack of Chron’s disease or a flare as we call it, can be just the worst.

I experience all sorts of severe cramping and abdominal pain. And then there are other symptoms that are just the worst like diarrhea and nausea. I have been dealing with this reality for some years now. My doctors have been helpful in helping me understand and manage my Chron’s flares. There are so many factors to this condition that western medicine is still trying to catch up. Recently, I added an ancient remedy for abdominal pain in the form of medical marijuana. Thankfully, I have access to a cannabis dispensary. My state legalized both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. So while I am using the medical cannabis products under the supervision of my doctor, I can just go to the legal weed store to get what I need. I don’t have to go through all of the marijuana regulations in order to get the medical cannabis that really helps my condition. And it’s not just the immediate pain and cramping that medical cannabis helps with. It’s thought that stress can also increase the odds or frequency of Chrone’s flareups. Medical marijuana helps a great deal in that regard. It’s really nice to be able to enjoy cannabis gummies or even the cannabis flower products. Somehow, just the act of doing that helps reduce my stress. Of course the medical cannabis itself allows me to feel a whole lot less stress. All I know is that since I started using the medical cannabis, I have less flares and the ones I have are not as severe. That’s progress.


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Trying a more natural approach with medical marijuana

I’m here to declare that medical marijuana benefits my life in a big way.

Anxiety had been a part of my everyday life since at least high school.

And it may have gone back even further though I am sort of hazy on that. Regardless, anxiety had been something I have had to deal with and work to manage in order to just live. It’s not been easy. I even went the antidepressant route for a while. It helped slightly. Yet, the side effects were so dramatic that whatever benefit I received regarding the anxiety was wiped out by the side effects. It got to the point that I just had to move on from the meds. A friend suggested that I give medical cannabis a try. She suffered from bouts of severe depression and found cannabis products to be hugely beneficial for her. I figured that would be certainly worth the effort of navigating the marijuana regulations so I could access a cannabis dispensary. While the process of getting my medical marijuana card was going on, I sought out cannabis information. There were some cannabis events that I attended to get a better cannabis education. Once I had access to the medical cannabis dispensary, I was guided to specific cannabis flower products that had been shown to really help anxiety. It didn’t take but a few uses of the medical cannabis before I saw marked improvement. I’ve stuck with the medical cannabis and have seen great results. My anxiety is at the lowest ebb that its ever been. And I have medical cannabis to thank for that blessing.


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Eyesight improving thanks to help from medical marijuana

All of us have various health issues that we deal with for no other reason than who our parents are and the genes they passed on to us.

  • I know there are a lot of things that I’m thankful for when it comes to my genetics.

I’m a healthy man with good skin and good teeth. However, I also am bald and I have struggled with borderline glaucoma for my life. With the help of medical marijuana, I am dealing with that issue. Unfortunately, medical cannabis has yet been able to cure the baldness. But medical cannabis has long been attributed to helping people with my condition. Now with the advent of full fledged medical cannabis, even western medicine is acknowledging the medical marijuana benefit for this condition. I’ve been just medical cannabis products once I started looking into cannabis information and attending cannabis events in my area. It just made such logical sense for my to utilize a natural substance to treat my situation. The doctor has been really pleased by the reduction in the pressure in my eyes from the borderline glaucoma condition. I have found that my eyesight is also improving as well. There are less floaters that I notice when I’m looking at things. It’s remarkable that medical marijuana had such a tremendous effect on me. I’m just thankful that I live in a state where medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal. It allows me to simply go to a cannabis dispensary to pick up the cannabis products that help me. It’s just that easy and the result I have experienced using medical cannabis simply speak for themselves.


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Without medical marijuana, I’d be in rough shape

To think that just a few short years ago I’d be denied access to the one treatment that has made the most difference in battling my chronic pain. Where I live, there was no such thing as a cannabis dispensary until just a few short years ago. This was due to the fact that these long held beliefs that medical cannabis or any kind of cannabis was some sort of demon. Even those who weren’t all caught up in the myths of yesteryear still had it so illogically wrong. That argument was allowing for medical marijuana would be opening the floodgates to a gateway drug. Well, if that’s true, then close up the liquor stores because that may be the biggest gateway drug of them all. It was all just nonsense. Unfortunately, it took big tax revenue to really sway those in power on a statewide level. It wasn’t the medical marijuana benefit to people like me. Nope, it was the money. Well fine, if that has to be the tradeoff then so be it. However, medical cannabis would never have passed were it not for people with deep pockets getting behind it. So that I am also thankful for. But what I am most thankful for is that I can now legally access the cannabis dispensary to get the cannabis products that help me. Without these vital medical cannabis products, I would be bed ridden still. Or worse, a completely addicted opioid statistic. With access to medical marijuana, I thankfully don’t have to make a choice like that.



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I need a little more information

Hiding inside most of your life is not healthy, at least it’s not been for me.

Perhaps there are people that entirely like being split off socially. They must love being hidden away. For me, it was the only way I could deal with it. Since I was in my early years, I have had crippling anxiety and socially was afraid to interact. For some reason, I have a real feeling that I am being ridiculed and judged all the time. My logical side of my brain knows this. But until I started using medical cannabis, I easily wasn’t able to listen to the smart part in my brain. Having access to a medical marijuana dispensary has changed everything for me. It started when my cousin asked me to read some cannabis information that he had gotten off his computer. He too deals with anxiety, just not to the amount that I do. My cousin told me that he was experiencing a great deal of progress managing his anxiety and wanted me to at least consider medical weed. Well, the initial cannabis information I got from my cousin intrigued me enough to then do my own research. This resulted in me searching for cannabis stores near me. From there, I decided that I would go through the marijuana process in order to get my medical marijuana card. This process went easy enough. Yet, I was too anxiety ridden to go to the medical cannabis shop. So my cousin helped me. And he was right. The staff at the cannabis dispensary were so kind and compassionate. They were gentle people which easily put me at ease. They were able to set me up with the cannabis products for my anxiety.

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Using it for chronic pain

It’s not like I have ever been not healthy.

Actually, I would say the opposite is true.

Taking care of my body has been something that I have done since I was a kid. Both my parents were hardcore health nuts and they passed that on to me. I’ve been eating good food since I can remember. On top of that I was a fitness buff and in great condition. So smoking medical cannabis was not anything that I thought I would end up doing. And using medical cannabis to manage chronic pain was even more an odd option. Well that is until those honest things became a part of my biweekly reality. It just goes to show that there are particular things, events plus conditions that simply can not be either avoided or controlled. It took me a long time after being run through with chronic pain for me to absolutely understand that. Thankfully, I have access to the medical weed that makes that sort of perspective even possible for me. I can’t even imagine going through this experience with chronic pain separate from medical weed. And yet, by just the advantage of my geography I have access to legal weed stores where others who are suffering simply don’t. For me, I wasn’t willing to slide into some sort of chemical dependence due to our condition. But that’s exactly what I saw myself doing as I became more and more dependent on the pills. Luckily, 1 of our friends pulled me up, got me to a cannabis event where I got a cannabis education.



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MS and weed helps

It didn’t absolutely take too long to realize that there was absolutely something wrong happening in my body.

I didn’t feel like myself at all.

It was as though easy motor function jobs were suddenly not all that simple. Now that I am using medical marijuana, I can say that those jobs are tolerable. But it took me a while before I finally decided I needed to see a doctor about it. It didn’t take honestly long for the doc to come back with a diagnosis of MS. I was shocked. This was the last thing that I thought I would ever have to handle. I didn’t even know anyone with MS plus here I was trying to figure out what comes next. Thankfully, the medical professional told me that I should add medical cannabis to my treatment. There were nice meds that will help with the issues. But the medical cannabis will help immediately with the muscle spasms plus stiffness that I was beginning to experience. She also told me that medical marijauna will help me sort out my feelings well. This was something that I needed for sure. And I’m glad I listened to the medical professional. In my state, I can get access to a cannabis dispensary separate from a medical marijuana card. However, there are certain cannabis dispensaries that gear themselves more to medical marijuana. I got myself to 1 of these legal weed shops. This was such a great move. Not only was I met with kindness, care and hope but they were able to get me cannabis products to help my particular situation.

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