Someone stole my distillate syringes during gym

I decided to go to the dispensary after work today, before I went to the gym. I was afraid that I would finish at the gym late and miss the daily special. I planned to purchase three tubes of distillate, because they were 20% off. I was late getting out of work and I made it to the dispensary with a few minutes to spare. I picked up three tubes of cannabis distillate. I purchased one tropical trainwreck, one strawberry cough, and one Skywalker OG. I was going to go home and make some edibles. I didn’t think it would be a problem to keep the distillate in my bag. After all, the distillate doesn’t have a serious odor. I didn’t think my bag would draw any attention, so I wasn’t worried about someone going through my things. I left my bag in a locker while I was working out in the gym. I had a lock on the door, but I didn’t have it closed. I’ve left my locker door open a hundred different times and I have never had a single problem until now. A thief stole all three of the syringes. They didn’t even take my phone, keys, or wallet, which still had $58 inside. I tried to get the security footage so I could contact the police. Unfortunately, the fitness center does not have any cameras in the locker room. They didn’t seem too eager to help me solve the case and they offered no additional assistance. I’m really aggravated about the entire situation and I wonder if it’s time to cancel this gym membership and start going somewhere else.


I’m making my own candy at home

If the temperature is too low, the candy won’t set and I will end up with a sticky mess

When I decided to make my own marijuana candy at home, I had to buy a few supplies. It’s almost impossible to make candy without silicone molds, so I purchased a few different items at the local Supercenter. I also purchased some lollipop molds and sticks. I bought a package with several different edible dyes and another package with candy flavorings like grape, strawberry, cherry, and watermelon. My first attempt making edibles was filled with issues. I didn’t wait for the sugar to get hot enough and I used the wrong kind of cannabis. It tasted like mud water with cherry flavor. I didn’t have the right silicone molds, and the candy stuck to the plate. The second attempt was much better. I purchased cannabis distillate to use in the candy. The distillate is great for making edibles, because it has already been decarbed. Distillate can be eaten straight out of the package for full effects. During my second attempt, I also purchased a thermometer to make sure that the sugar was at the proper temperature. To make the best hard candy, I have to wait for the sugar to reach a temperature of 310 degrees. If the temperature is too high, the candy will burn and have a terrible taste. If the temperature is too low, the candy won’t set and I will end up with a sticky mess. I’ve probably made 10 or more batches of edibles so far, and every batch is better than the last. If I could sell these items to my friends, I would probably be able to make a small fortune.

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Cannabis edibles taste better than flower

When I was 15 years old, I tried smoking cannabis for the first time.

My friends and I were on an overnight camping trip.

One of the guys had a joint that they stole from their older sister. We lit the joint from the campfire and snuck out to the woods to smoke. My friends and I got high, but we spent an hour coughing and gagging. I really didn’t like the taste of the cannabis, so I never tried to smoke again. That was almost 10 years ago and I am an adult now. I was out with some friends last weekend and they suggested getting some cannabis to enjoy on our hike. I remembered the last time I was smoking weed in the woods and it didn’t sound like a great idea to me. My friends decided to stop at the cannabis dispensary anyways. They purchased a few items to take with us to the woods. One of my friends purchased a package of cannabis edibles that looked and tasted like gummy worms. I wasn’t going to try one, but they smelled like candy. I chewed up the gummy worm and I could barely taste any marijuana. I decided to eat a second and a third. About 30 minutes later, I was definitely feeling the effects of the marijuana. The edibles tasted great and they had the right effect. My friends and I enjoyed our time in the woods and we had a great afternoon at the lake. If I ever use marijuana again in the future, I will definitely buy edibles.

Purple cannabis

There is a smokeable form of CBD called God's Gift

I was searching for something to help with pain and anxiety, but I didn’t want to try marijuana. I spoke with the doctor about different ways to relieve pain, and CBD was one suggestion that I felt could work. The doctor told me that CBD was legal everywhere, so I could easily purchase some tablets or tincture online. I tried three different types of CBD products online, but none of them tasted great and a few of them didn’t work well either. I was talking to one of my coworkers last week and she told me that she uses CBD products from the cannabis dispensary. I didn’t know that the cannabis dispensary sold CBD products, So I listened intently as she explained. The CBD products in the cannabis dispensary are derived from marijuana instead of hemp. They have greater effects to relieve pain and stress. My coworker suggested that I try a different CBD product. Since marijuana is legal for recreational use, I decided to go to the dispensary. I felt out of place in the beginning, but the person at the front desk was very kind and welcoming. She made me feel at home and talked with me about the process. I went to a different room where I sat down with a certified budtender to talk about my needs. She hooked me up with a smokable flower called God’s gift. It is a flower rich in CBD with no THC or psychoactive effects. I’ve been grinding up the flower and smoking it before bed. I have slept better during the past few weeks than I have in the past several years.



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Different products at different marijuana dispensaries

I didn’t know anything about marijuana until I visited a dispensary close to my home.

Medical marijuana was legalized about 5 years ago, and last January the people voted to legalize recreational marijuana as well.

My friends and I visited a recreational marijuana dispensary a few months ago. They had a small selection of products, and I was surprised by the interior and atmosphere. When I walked through the doors, I had to give my driver’s license to the person at the door. They made a photo scan copy of my license and then I was allowed to enter the area where all of the marijuana is kept. The dispensary had six or eight different strains of indica, sativa, and hybrid marijuana. All of the prices varied and they had some items for $10 and some items for $100. The dispensary had a few different types of marijuana, but they also had items like candies, gummies, chocolate, and CBD infused drinks. My friends and I have visited a few different marijuana dispensaries since the first time. Every single marijuana dispensary is different. They all offer different strains of marijuana, depending on their location and grow season. Each business has a special and unique way to attract clients, but most of them offer incentives with larger orders. If I don’t find the right items at one particular marijuana dispensary, chances are that I will be able to drive down the street and find the same product at another. There are seven different medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries within a 5-mile radius of my home. It’s easy to find exactly what I want and need.


Marijuana dispensary

Topical CBD:THC patches are great for pain relief

Last Wednesday, I went to the marijuana dispensary to buy my usual items for the week.

I always buy an eighth of indica and an eighth of hybrid marijuana.

I also bought a cartridge for my vape pen. Last time I was there, the dispensary was having a sale on all of their topical products. I’ve never tried any topical marijuana products, but they seemed like a good idea. Since all of the patches were on sale, I decided to try the CBD:THC patches. Each patch is filled with 10 mg of CBD and 10 mg of THC. The patches are normally $10 each, but they were on sale for $8.25 on that day. I decided to buy one of the CBD:THC patches and another patch that was a 20mg sativa patch. They had some 20 mg Indica patches as well, but I don’t need a lot of help falling asleep. Indica strains are great for sleeping and feeling relaxed, but they won’t help me get a full day of work done at home. I took the patches home and set them on the top of my desk. I forgot about them until yesterday, when I was feeling pain from a back ache. I spent all day mowing the lawn and I was feeling pain all over my back, neck, and hips. When I saw the patches on top of my desk, I decided to slap one on my wrist. I started to feel pain relief in less than 30 minutes. The pain relief effects lasted almost 6 hours. I will definitely buy more of those if they go on sale again.




The cannabis dispensary has been out of Blue Dream for a month

The coronavirus is affecting a lot of shipments all over the world.

It took me three weeks to get a shipment from Amazon. It usually takes three days. People are being safer and taking more time during the shipping and handling process. I think it’s a good idea to be safe, but I’m unhappy that it is affecting the supply at my local cannabis dispensary. Ever since the coronavirus closed down all of the country, the local cannabis dispensary has been completely out of blue dream. Blue dream is one of my favorite marijuana strains. I use blue dream on a regular basis, because it is great for treating depression, pain, and anxiety. Blue Dream makes me feel energetic and relaxed and I feel filled with lots of creative ideas. I have tried a number of other hybrid and sativa leaning strains, but there is nothing like blue dream in my opinion. Blue Dream is a cross between blueberry indica and Haze. It tastes like citrus, berries, and fruit. I don’t know how long it will take for the stock to be filled, but the budtender couldn’t give me a straight answer. Apparently, all of their shipments are held up and taking longer than usual. For now, I found a decent Super Silver Haze that is high in CBG and has great long lasting effects. I also found a nice stinky Blue Cheese that almost tastes like my favorite. It happens to be an indica, but it still tastes great and is useful at night. Until I can get more Blue Dream, I guess this stuff will do.


Cannabis cafe

They delivered 300 disposable pens instead of 300 batteries

Sales have increased significantly over the past month and a lot of that is due to the coronavirus. Folks are stocking up on all kinds of supplies like toilet paper, batteries, cold medicine, hand sanitizer, and even prescriptions. These prescriptions include heart medication, diabetes insulin, and medical marijuana. I work in a medical marijuana clinic and we have been busier than ever during the past month. We had to implement a few different procedures in order to stay safe during the covid-19 outbreak. For instance, we only allow five people in the lobby at one time. At first, some of our customers complained about having to wait outside of the building. Unfortunately, we need to worry about health and safety before we need to worry about our customer complaints. We no longer allow visitors to come inside of the dispensary and browse the selection. The only folks inside of the marijuana dispensary are those with a medical marijuana license. We have had a huge increase in business and I have been ordering a ton of supplies. Unfortunately, our supplier got the order wrong last Tuesday. They were supposed to deliver 300 batteries for disposable vape pens. Instead, they sent us 300 disposable vape pens. I had fifty each of mango, blue dream, gelato, gorilla glue, girl scout cookies, and bubba platinum. I had to send all of the items back to the supplier, because it would take us almost 6 months to sell that many disposable vape pens. During a normal week, I usually order 10 to 15. The supplier apologized for the mistake and sent the batteries overnight instead of traditional 3 day fedex.

Cannabis oil

I need some indoor UV air purifiers if I want to stay open

Most of the area diners, grocery stores, & gas stations are closing down due to the coronavirus stuff.

I am the employer for an extremely tied up marijuana dispensary in the local and metropolitan area.

Both of us were stressed out that marijuana dispensaries would be included in the local shelter order. Thankfully for us, all marijuana dispensaries are covered under the pharmacy provision. A lot of things have adjusted, so every one of us can safely accommodate all of our patients. Most of the area diners, grocery stores, & gas stations are closing down due to the outbreak. Thankfully for us, every one of us can stay in company while I was in this crisis. Both of us had to make some major swings in order to supply our patients with a safe atmosphere. Both of us have hand sanitizers located in every nook & cranny of the store. Both of us are using gloves, masks, & full gear behind the counter. The owner of this company bought sixUV air purifiers to help keep harmful germs away. The indoor UV air purifiers use UV lighting to kill all of the harmful germs, viruses, & other bacteria. There is also a HEPA air filter inside of the UV air cleaner. Both of us are going to be replacing our HEPA air filter every week until things are starting to look better. The indoor UV air purifiers are basically the same style that are used in hospitals, dentists offices, & laboratories. Using the indoor UV air purifiers is the safest way to keep all of the harmful germs away from all of our patients & products. If every one of us want to get rid of this concern once & for all, then every one of us all need to be willing to make a few wild swings.



Buy cannabis now

The history of me and smoking marijuana

When I was a teenager, my friends & I all smoked marijuana out of an apple or Starbucks cans.

Both of us didn’t ever have enough cash to get rolling papers & most of the convenience stores wouldn’t sell them to a couple of gnarly teens anyway.

Things are much odd these nights & marijuana now is available in a variety of odd forms. Most medical marijuana dispensaries carry a massive variety of various marijuana products. Marijuana products can include smokable flower, vape cartridges, wax, shatter blends, thca powder, & tinctures; Smokable flowers are the product that all the people recognize when they recognize marijuana. Wax & shatter are a couple of other forms of marijuana. The wax & shatter are extracted directly from the plant under heavy heat & pressure. Thca powder is an interesting way to introduce marijuana into your cooking or baking, because the product is already decarbed. Tinctures can be good as well, especially if they are a fine blend of CBD & THC. There are a ton of odd ways to use marijuana & the benefits have proven to be very long-lasting & fast-acting. If you recognize that you might benefit from indulging in medical marijuana or a single of these products, then discuss the issue with your primary care doc or therapist. It can be unquestionably simple to acquire a medical marijuana card. With your card in hand, you can entirely visit any number of medical marijuana facilities in the area. Each single one is a bit odd & different, and will carry odd strains of marijuana. There are unquestionably benefits to checking out all of the stores you can.

Indica strains for sale