She has my back when I leave

I always look ahead to the weekend.

  • Those are the days that I have off work.

I have been the director of a marijuana shop for 3 years. I had to work my way up the chain to get weekends off. I started at the smallest rung as a front desk clerk plus I worked at the cannabis dispensary for 2 years before I got promoted to a management spot. I only have the weekends off because I have a really competent assistant director that can handle any issue that comes up. I am legitimately happy that he was available plus wanted to work in the medical marijuana field. She is a good neighbor of mine from university plus she recently moved to the area. When she said she was looking for a job, I knew she would be the correct add on to the marijuana dispensary team. My friend is good at doing many unusual jobs plus delegating tasks. She also uses plus grows marijuana too! Yes, she was the perfect addition to the dispensary crew. I am looking forward to my next weekend off, because I have plans with my boyfriend plus his boys. Every one of us are going to spend the whole weekend together for the first time. It’s a sizable step in our relationship plus I am worried. I’ve only met the boys a few other times in the past. In 3 nights, the crew of us are going to the woods plus spending the whole weekend camping plus walking around. I am sure the crew of us will have fun, even though I am still distraught, anxious, plus hoping it goes okay.

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Not able to refill when you want

I had to deal with an upset purchaser this afternoon plus I almost lost my cool.

It’s legitimately the closest that I have ever come to screaming at a customer.

She was screaming in my face and calling me bad names. I don’t usually have shoppers that are mean or unhappy. That is 1 of the best perks of being the director at a medical marijuana shop. Most people coming to the medical marijuana shops are in a good mood. This purchaser was upset because he filled his entire prescription of medical marijuana 5 evenings earlier. She came back to the store plus wanted to buy more medical marijuana. One of the budtenders tried to tell him that he did not have authorization to buy any more medical marijuana. There is a state law plus he already bought the legal amount that he is allowed to have by state law. When the budtender would not change his mind. He then demanded to speak with the manager of the store. I came out of the office partway through the conversation. I heard some of the yelling and shouting. I politely asked the purchaser to calm down plus carefully explained how his medical marijuana prescription works plus the cutbacks. You can only buy so much of it, just savor any other controlled substance. I don’t make those rules or regulations. When he refused to listen, the security guard had to escort him out of the store. I don’t like to forcibly remove someone from the shop, even though he was starting to cause a scene.


Not able to refill when you want

Missing out on the sale

I’m feeling truly upset with the cannabis dispensary this week.

I woke up this afternoon with a message that says all the cannabis items in stock are going to be a quarter off this week.

That would have been helpful information a day ago. I decided to go to the store yesterday, on payday to fill the rest of my medical cannabis prescription. I spent almost a hundred bucks on cannabis products. I would have saved thirty bucks if I had known that the cannabis dispensaries were going to have a sale on everything this week. I could have waited until this week to make the purchase. I wasn’t out of vaping devices plus I happily would have waited to save that extra currency. I could have bought some edibles with the money. I never get edibles because the dispensary jacks up the pieces and makes them unreasonably costly. It is almost twenty bucks for a pot brownie. That is too much currency in my opinion. They have 10mg of weed. Even the 20mg pain patches are only five bucks. I went to the dispensary yesterday so I didn’t have to go somewhere on my afternoon off work. I believe that was the issue. I almost wanted to call the local recreational dispensary plus file a complaint. I am sure they don’t care if I am upset about the sale or not, but it would have been nice to maybe get the discount allowed. I’m a little tempted to go over just to get a pot brownie, but I’m afraid that I will end up complaining about the lack of the deal I got yesterday.



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Cupcake recipe with weed

I don’t like to waste weed, but that is exactly what happened to the first time that I tried to make marijuana infused baked goods. I didn’t do enough research on the process plus I thought I would be easy on my own. Sadly, I ended up wasting almost an entire ounce of weed in the process. When I went back to the shop to buy more of my product, I decided to ask someone for help. I realized some large mistakes right away when a budtender decided to provide myself and others some advice. I wasn’t constantly taking out the THC plus that’s why my oils didn’t have any effects. My meals just tasted like THC, but they didn’t provide any euphoria or high feeling. I was making the cannabis oil completely incorrect. I was trying to make oil separate from the right tools. To make things worse, I tried to make cupcakes with it. The first batch tasted bad plus that sizable blunder was why I threw in the towel. The budtender inside the dispensary offered me the name of a website that had a good recipe for extracting THC from the plant. I thanked the guy for the useful tip and took my modern weed to the buyer. I haven’t tried another batch of cupcakes using the cannabis oil yet. To be honest, I’m a little scared. Weed is costly plus I am not made of currency. I cannot run to the dispensary plus buy an ounce of weed every time I want to try a modern recipe. I want to be certain that the next batch of cupcakes is truly made respectfully.

Much easier service

I like being able to order anything I want on my computer plus then picking up that item in the store.

  • It is a good way to store and I am legitimately cheerful that more plus more stores are offering this feature… When I order food from the store, I consistently use a delivery service.

I order my meat, fish, dairy, plus baked treats online plus then have someone bring them out to my house. I do the same thing when I go to the drug store. I use the pickup service at the supercenter as well. If they don’t have an item in stock, they usually swap it with something greater or better plus more pricey. I recently started to use the pickup service at the marijuana dispensary. The marijuana shop has an online website that is easy to operate. It’s straight-forward to add items to the cart plus check out in hours. You don’t even need a credit card to venue an order. I have been using the marijuana option up service for multiple weeks. They’ve never got an order incorrect. Even when they have an online sale, they still honor the sale price for 24 hours. When something is on sale on Monday, I often take fortune for the next afternoon because I do not get paid until the next afternoon. I picked up my order at the dispensary while the two of us were in my dinner time plus they brought it out to the vehicle in less than 10 minutes. It’s a quick plus easy process plus a good way to do company with the marijuana dispensary.
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I have trouble making treats

My local dispensary never has anything available. I have entirely good costs on flower, tincture, edible, plus topical marijuana relief products. It’s no surprise that they are frequently out of stock. Unfortunately, they haven’t had a sizable selection in weeks. I usually buy lemon drops, red dreams, plus Kush, however they were out of everything. They didn’t even have any shake or popcorn. I was entirely bummed out, because I was on my way out of town for a long weekend. I was hoping to purchase some supplies before I left, so I would not have to worry about anything when I arrived at the hotel. I was happy to find a dispensary entirely close to the venue I was staying at. I decided to walk, since it was a nice day and only 2 blocks away. The medical cannabis dispensary had a lot of unusual products plus I was amazed by the selection. They had two times as many items in stock as my typical cannabis dispensary. The budtender was far more excited about all of the products. I got assistance picking out the right strain to help me sleep at night plus wake up refreshed and energized. I left the marijuana dispensary with tons of items to last all weekend. I even had a few edible treats, which is something that the marijuana dispensary in my neighborhood does not offer. If I want edible marijuana treats, I have to make them on my own. I have tried making brownies and cookies, but they don’t taste entirely good. I must be doing something wrong, because they taste like dirt.



Cookies with weed

The cookies are made fresh every afternoon

It’s hard to find a really tasty edible that contains weed, and most of the time, the treat ends up tasting like wet dirt. Unless you are a five star rated chef, cooking and baking with cannabis takes real finesse. I tried making different types of baked goods at home. I tried to make cookies, cakes, and even brownies. The only thing I had small success with was using distillate to make gummies. I went to a modern cannabis dispensary to find a different distillate syringe last week. My correct cannabis dispensary was out of indica distillate plus I wanted to make a fresh batch of treats. I decided to check out a different cannabis dispensary that is multiple miles away from my home. I am seriously glad that I decided to visit the new arena, because I found out that they have yummy treats. It’s entirely hard to find a cannabis dispensary however has delicious baked goods. This section legitimately makes the treats in the dispensary. The whole venue stinked like chocolate and vanilla. The cookies are made fresh every afternoon. I had to spend a ton to bring home a whole box of marijuana infused cookies, however they are the most delicious edible treat that I have ever found at a cannabis shop! Until I find a way to perfect the recipe, I am going to continue purchasing cookies from this shop. They taste as fresh as the cookies I purchase from the bakery. They also have brownies and cake, which I will try next time I visit the dispensary.
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Some good marijuana sales

Marijuana sales in this dispensary are going through the roof due to the fact that our company is giving cannabis delivery.

  • I have been working in the marijuana industry for the past 7 years.

I started now working at the front counter plus now I am an assistant director. It’s clear to see that our sales are up due to the fact the two of us can bring weed to a person’s door. The owner of this marijuana dispensary was not going to offer cannabis delivery, however now there are few choices with the virus heading around every corner, but people are scared plus staying at home plus companies that offer delivery will be the only ones to survive this national pandemic plus global health crisis. I am excited to see that our marijuana sales are not only staying the same, however thriving in this terrible time. Since the dispensary started offering delivery on all marijuana products, the two of us have seen a thirty increase. This is even after I pay delivery drivers, the supplier is still making a big profit. I doubt the owner of this marijuana dispensary will stop delivering even after the virus is no longer an issue. Our shoppers will be accustomed to ordering on the computer and receiving their items the same afternoon. It’s going to be impossible to keep shoppers if there is no delivery since the two of us have been offering it for the past few weeks. Even sales on our smoking supplies have gone up. Every one of us have been selling a bunch of bongs, glass pipes, grinders, papers, plus other smoking accessories.

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Getting points at the dispensary

They also have items like grinders, bowls, plus other smoking accessories

Each week, one of the local cannabis dispensaries will have a sale. It’s a good thing for the typical marijuana user, because something is consistently on sale and cheap! Dispensary costs are more than street prices. So, it’s okay and you consistently get a good product! My favorite buying afternoon is Wednesday, because a lot of places sell smoothies plus popcorn on those evenings. Those are more than one kind of flower marijuana. Smoothie is all of the little pieces of marijuana that fell off the buds while the two of us were in the harvest process. I can buy 7 grams of smoothie marijuana for less than thirty, then popcorn nuggets are the smallest buds from the marijuana plant. They contain the same amount of THC as good marijuana, however they are small in size; On Wednesday, my favorite marijuana dispensary has a sale for those more than one things. I can purchase a lot of marijuana for a small amount of currency. I even earn points on the buy even though everything is low cost. I can use the points to purchase cool things at the marijuana dispensary like gummies, oils plus edibles. They also have items like grinders, bowls, plus other smoking accessories. The more points you save, the more you can buy. I have been trying to save my points for the past 2 years and every time I have enough for a free pre-roll, I end up using them. I would have better luck purchasing the grinder for the normal price instead of stressing myself out every time I spend my points.

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Need pot in order to get by

I consistently thought pot was a bad drug, but I grew up in a small farm section where no one talked about marijuana. If someone mentioned pot, it was a bad reference. I didn’t try marijuana until I was in my twenties plus in my junior year of university. I was at a frat celebration with some buddies plus someone offered myself and others a joint, and the first few times that I used marijuana, I was filled with a good feeling that makes you laugh plus have fun. It turns out that marijuana use over a long portion of time can have an odd effect. Those effects are less serious plus you get more pain relief plus medicinal good points than euphoria. I have been using marijuana for pain relief plus stress for 3 years plus my life has changed a lot. I live in a state where marijuana is legal for recreational and medical purposes. It makes it much easier to obtain the medicine that helps me function better throughout the afternoon. There is a recreational marijuana shop in my neighborhood that delivers. They will bring anything in stock for a small delivery fee plus they guarantee everything within a single minute. I often use the marijuana delivery service when I have had a hard day at work plus I am feeling super lazy. It’s unusual to myself and others that marijuana is not permitted everywhere since there are proven medical pros that the plant has. I would transport to a different country if someone told me I had to stop using weed to deal with my issues.


Marijuana delivery