A new chapter in my life

I lost my sister just over 4 years ago.

And losing my sister was beyond difficult not to mention the pain and loss I experienced. However, my sister would not have wanted me to wallow and not move on. But it’s a horrible thing that she isn’t able to share in this new portion of my life. Since I finished with office work, I have embraced legal cannabis. When I moved away, I found myself in a new place but soon found great people. One of my close friends went on and on about the benefits he had gained through the use of CBD products. He encouraged me to go with him to the cannabis dispensary. At first, I was quite scared. I had nothing to do with recreational marijuana in numerous years. And even the experience I had with this kind of weed was limited. But my buddy told me he got such a good experience from the cbd products, he tried legal cannabis next. It was a pressing thing and life changing moment for him. That was enough for me to at least go along to the cannabis dispensary plus talk to the people there my friend recommended I speak with. I was quite impressed with the knowledge and skills of the staff at the cannabis dispensary. This allowed me to feel comfortable giving cannabis a try. I am now experiencing a welcome shift in my life perspective. I am now able to feel a true sense of calm, peace and acceptance that is much needed as I embrace this part of my life.



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