A safe environment

My Aunt Alice has always been kind of a natural person.  She’s always dressed in long, flowing skirts with sandals and necklaces. She loves growing things and has lots of flowers and herbs  growing in her garden. Alice has even been known to grow cannabis. She had never cared whether it was legal or not. I wasn’t surprised when Aunt Alice told me she was starting up a new company out of her house. Her plan is to start offering marijuana edibles. I believe that here in the state where both of us live, marijuana edibles aren’t as highly regulated as other marijuana products. She’s not able to avoid governmental interference altogether. She’s very excited about it and can’t wait to get started with producing edibles.  She’s got a lot of interesting recipes. I have tasted some of her marijuana edibles as she has been trying out different recipes, and they are super good. The effects are very mild. My Aunt Alice is trying to keep her prices down, because she wants to make her products affordable everyone. She believes strongly in the healing abilities of marijuana and wants to help me people and improve their quality of life. I hope that she is careful with her business plan. I can easily see my Aunt Alice basically giving her products away to people in need. I’ve encouraged her to figure out profit margins so that she at least makes enough money to cover her expenses. Hopefully she will be successful with her new business.

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