As a manager, determining who is right for the job

Working as a manager at a cannabis dispensary is not an easy job.

Something I always have to tell people who are hoping to task at our cannabis dispensary is that they need to get their cannabis training done before they try to work in my store.

You can’t just walk in and apply like its a gas station or cashier job. High end dispensaries entirely require men and women to know their products. I need to determine who is worth looking into. There are cannabis education courses to take. If the person is right, my dispensary will pay for them to take it. But I am not betting on a show pony that won’t perform. It’s not exactly like going to class because these courses don’t take that long. Actually if you are dedicated to your training, you can get your dispensary specialist certification in under six months. There are numerous locations where you can get your certification to work at the cannabis dispensary. You must understand that it is essential to get this license due to you will be working with all sorts of patients with dire physical and mental ailments. I don’t want my employees to be a liability, and I need them to be good things in my cannabis dispensary. If there is a staff member that doesn’t know what they are doing or they don’t understand the products, I can’t keep them working in the business. I need people who are good at sales and who can ask the right questions to determine what the patients are in need of.


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