Favorites change

When I was growing up, my favorite food was always the same. It didn’t matter when you asked me, or what sort of mood I was in at the time, I’d always say mozzarella sticks. I could have just finished eating an entire box of mozzarella sticks by myself in addition to I would have still said that my favorite food was mozzarella sticks. Although I enjoy all sorts of topping combinations on mozzarella sticks. I like breadcrumbs, red sauce, cheese and italian seasoning. Hot sauce on mozzarella sticks is not what most people eat but I love it. Either you enjoy it on mozzarella sticks like I do, or you undoubtedly don’t like it and find it so gross. Mozzarella sticks are still a favorite food of all time, but right now I enjoy a fantastic box of wings. My feelings toward particular cannabis strains change as time goes on as well. I used to enjoy White Widow in addition to OG Kush more than any other strains of cannabis. My college friends in addition to me were all obsessed with White Widow back in the afternoon because it was an exotic strain that we got once or twice a year if we were fortunate. Don’t get myself and others wrong, I’d still enjoy White Widow cannabis if you gave it to me, but my preferences have changed in the years since college. Right now my 2 favorite cannabis strains are Girl Scout Cookies in addition to Blue Dream There are so many special strains of cannabis available right now, although I still enjoy these 2 classics.



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Trying my own edible

I appreciate it when the grocery store has sales on boxes of pie, cookie, and brownie mix.

I’ll purchase them whenever there’s a bogo deal on a single of these products.

I’m not good at baking desserts from ingredients, but I can follow the recipe on a box of mix well enough where the end result is still okay. They might not be as delicious as the desserts in the bakery section of the grocery store, but they cost a portion of the price. Last month there was a bogo deal on brownie mix. I decided to get two different kinds of mixes. I bought triple chocolate chunk brownies, and peanut butter fudge brownies. The peanut butter fudge brownies were so amazing that I ate them in the course of two mornings. I had hoped to conserve them for at least a month or more, but I couldn’t help myself. But, I had different plans for the other box of brownies. I had recently visited the medical marijuana dispensary and had bought cannabis distillate oil. It’s a super concentrated cannabis extract that looks like tree oil, and it sort of has the same consistency as well. Since the distillate oil is already orally okay, you can put it on a cracker and eat it like that. You don’t have to bake a batch of brownies with the distillate infused, but I hoped otot have classic edibles. And when you have an extra box of brownie mix, what better way to utilize it when you also have cannabis distillate oil from the local marijuana shop. They’re delicious brownies, but I have to be careful because they’re strong as well.



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The use of a growing kit

I have wanted to start marijuana cultivation for some time now.

My buddy grows marijuana and I care about walking through his greenhouse.

He has a very cool set up. My buddy admitted that it cost his tons of cash to set up his lavish facility. I can’t afford to grow at the degree he does. I can’t see putting that kind of cash down only to have maybe a few plants survive, growing isn’t exactly straight-forward, you know? It is easily simple to burn the plants, over water or just not have a healthy crop. Spending the cash to fail doesn’t sound wonderful to me. That is why I planned to just sit back. Then I came across Marijuana growing kits. These growing kits include everything you need to get begun. Nah, it is not as immense as what our buddy has. The marijuana growing kit can only cabin a few plants at best. But, I easily don’t need a giant facility full of marijuana plants right now. I just want to try 1 plus see how it goes. So, I could typically update to a grow box that can hold around more than four. The best section about these kits is that they are easily portable. When I transfer I could simply disassemble it and take it with me. The cost of the marijuana growing kit isn’t too awful, everything is in the little kit so that saves myself and others quite a bit of cash. All I needed to do was get seeds plus get moving on our growing process.


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I need her help

My sibling has COVID.

It has been a large pain in the rear because I see him all the time. Him and I also were still doing marijuana growing together. I still have all the equipment. I have the grow lights, nutrient system plus hydroponic device. I also know when logistically the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C settings plus lighting needs to change in the growing process. My sibling does all the grunt work plus supplies extra currency when needed. I cut and dry the plants. My sibling is the 1 that cures the plants and does the final steps of the process. Now that he is sick, he is out of commission. I cannot spend time cleaning our facility. I can’t waste mornings cleaning every surface after he has gone in there. Doing the total growing procedure alone has been hard though. I easily need to hire a worker to inspect the plants, adjust the lights plus decrease the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C throughout the month. The plants can’t stay at the same temp plus amount of light. You wreck your yields plus the aroma of the plant. I might need to update and get everything automatic. There are systems that permit you to set a temperature control program. I could have the lights on a timer plus just have them automatically do the decreasing. That way the only work I would need to do is the splitting, drying plus curing all by myself. That is not the most difficult section of production.

Cannabis farming

I need it for medical cannabis

When I got into my new house I just loved it. But, I didn’t easily check out the garage. It wasn’t until I moved in that I observed there was a separate box taking up a lot of square footage. It appeared to be completely set up for cannabis cultivation. I knew what it was as soon as I saw it. My partner, on the other hand, thought it was for veggie plants. I informed him that people don’t spend this kind of money on grow lights to grow melons plus berries. This is easily a cultivation room for cannabis. But, I am surprised that the previous owners left all of this lavish growing gear behind when they left. My partner wants to try to sell it if possible. If he can’t, he wants to use it for his orchids. I have another idea. I want to use this cultivation room to grow medicinal cannabis. My partner is comfortable with the idea that I use medical weed. He is less comfortable with the fact that I want to grow our own. He doesn’t want the boys to find out, then cannabis is allowed in this area, all a few states over. Besides, medical cannabis is high-priced. I could save a lot of cash if I grew our own. I believe this modular cultivation room is literally a gift from above. It has everything I could need to get began plus it was just handed to us. It would be dumb to sell it.


Cannabis grow cabinet

I just needed some type of facility

Once our state allowed for legal pot, I was ready to enter the cannabis field.

  • I have typically wanted to start my own marijuana cultivation facility.

I have studied room designs extensively and knew all about all of the right grow gear to buy. I made sure our new home had a nice sized garage to use as a grow room. I also made certain that there were plenty of electrical outlets in the garage. So all was great. Immediately I started getting a hydroponic system, nutrient system plus curing equipment. That is when I ran into a problem. My garage might have enough electrical sockets to plug everything in but it doesn’t have enough power to feed all of our HID lights. Not even to mention the ventilation wasn’t modern. Fuse after fuse was blown while I tried to make it work. At last, I had to give up and purchase a cannabox. It was either that or allow all of our plants to perish. I couldn’t do that. Thankfully the business that creates cannaboxes is quick. They helped me design everything online and then shipped it to me in a matter of weeks. I just had to hold off our plants dying for a little while. Once the facility was in our yard, I only had to put the plants inside. The cannabox had the water, nutrients, Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plus lights already installed. I just had to let our plants live. I check on them every now and then. I do some trimming plus I have dried plus cured a crop of plants already.


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My mom’s light room is not for tomatoes

My family still does Christmas lists even though all the kids are adults now. Of course my mom sends out her list too. This year I was surprised at some of the items on my mom’s Christmas list. Number one was a light room. She also had some climate control items on her list. When I asked my mom if she was starting a medical grow room for marijuana she said no. She wanted the light room for her tomatoes. Then she went on and on about how her prize winning tomatoes die every year because of the snow. Right Mom! Anyhow, my siblings and I got her the light room and other grow equipment. We bugged her about pot growing but she kept insisting it was for her tomatoes. Still, when I visited in February I saw her poor prize winning tomato plant out dead in the snow. “So what is in the light room?” I asked. Mom avoided the question and didn’t want me to peek inside. I did anyway. Sure enough, Mom was growing cannabis in her light room. I laughed when I found it. She talked about her arthritis and MS and made a lot of excuses. I reminded her that marijuana is legal and she is free to grow it if she wants. None of us will judge her. She still seemed shy about it. I am just happy that my is is less of a prude now that she is older. I hope she grows some seriously fine marijuana and that it helps her with her aches and pains.


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Uncle Joe has a secret growing cabinet

My uncle Joe has always been the black sheep of the family.

I don’t think my mom likes me hanging out with him.

I hang out with him anyway. I also feel like the black sheep of the family most of the time. Can a family have two black sheep? Anyhow, uncle Joe has always had this cabinet in his garage. I just assumed it was a gun safe. That is because it looks like a gun safe. I’m not big on guns (and I knew my uncle wouldn’t let me see them anyway) so I never asked. However, on Wednesday I drove up to visit uncle Joe. When I pulled up I noticed that his garage was open. Then I saw him coming out of the “gun safe”. That is when I realized it’s not a gun safe, it is a cannabis growing cabinet. I could see the grow lights and everything as he exited the cabinet. I laughed out loud. Uncle Joe saw me and quickly closed the growing cabinet. I had a million questions for Uncle Joe but he kept denying that it was a growing cabinet. He said it was a wine cellar. That is, until I took my pot out of my pocket and showed it to him. Then I promised I wouldn’t tell my mom. Uncle Joe seemed to think for a minute then he unlocked his growing cabinet and showed me what was inside. Just as I thought, it was a small marijuana farm. He had about 6 plants inside. He also had the grow lights I had seen as well as ventilation for the plants. That is so cool.


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Pot growing in a recession

With this recession I have been having a really hard time finding a job.

I’ve been out of work for almost 6 months now so I decided to take a risk.

I decided to follow a plan I had had for years now. I was going to start my own grow room. I have been researching marijuana farming for a long time. I know that my garage would be a perfect grow room. I have even figured out my grow room design. Once I decided to go ahead with my pot farm plan, I still needed to figure a lot of things out. For example, I still hadn’t figured out the grow room ventilation or the lighting. A bit more research and I got that figured out as well. All that was left was for me to completely clean out the garage and then procure all of my supplies. It turners out that cleaning out the garage was the hardest part. It took me over a week to get rid of all of my old junk. At first I planned on paying to store most of my stuff but then I changed my mind. After all, none of my stuff was worth the $100 plus fee it costs to store stuff every month. So I just donated or junked almost everything in my garage. Finally, my garage was ready to be set up as a growing facility. Getting the grow room design right was another task. I thought I had it all planned out but once all of the grow equipment arrived I had to make several changes. But I enjoyed this portion of the job. But now I am finally ready to sit back and watch my profits start growing. Literally.


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Marijuana growth saves the farm

My father has been trying to resurrect our dying peanut farm for over a decade now.

He finally sat me down and said that he was going to have to sell. Then he apologized for not being able to give the farm to me someday. This farm has been in our family for 4 generations. I looked him right in the eye and said, “why don’t we grow pot”. At first he thought I was joking but I wasn’t. He seemed to think about it for a while. Then he said, “I have no idea how to grow marijuana”. Neither did I but I figured we could learn pot farming. After all, lots of people have done it so why not us? We decided to try marijuana farming on a small scale first. We did a lot of research over the winter season. In early spring we got our marijuana growing equipment and started marijuana cultivation. I have to say, there were some mistakes made but this has been our most successful farming year in a long long time. We only planted the marijuana in the ground this year but next year we are already talking about large scale grow rooms, green houses, and climate controlled facilities. Then we can grow year round. I don’t see any reason why we can erect grow rooms over this entire farm. Maybe not next year but in the following years. We are not going to lose this family farm after all. We just had to change up our crop a little. I had no idea my father would be so accepting of the plan though. I should have mentioned it earlier.


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