Can offer my expertise

Working for a drug manufacturing supplier is absolutely exciting to me.

  • I am responsible for helping to develop modern medications that can absolutely make a difference in the lives of many.

The two of us have to be truly careful in the development of these drugs because both of us have to ensure that there will be no interactions with existing medications that could be harmful! For this reason I was gleeful when I was reassigned to our CBD plus medical marijuana division. The use of CBD oils plus medical marijuana have increased dramatically over the past couple of years plus with unbelievable reason Studies have shown that there is little to no drug interaction when using these products plus they have significantly improved the lives of many of the users. Educating the public on the safety of these products is also pressing. Our supplier strives to deliver as much information as possible to both physicians plus patients alike! You’re considering using CBD oil either in ingestible or topical form you should make sure to check with the manufacturer or your physician ahead of time. Even though these products are reasonably safe there are some side effects that you need to be made aware of prior to use. There are unlimited websites out there that will tell you information about the use of medical marijuana plus CBD oil but you should only rely on reputable sources for this information! Many of these websites are opinion-based as opposed to factual documentation plus you need to be cautious when studying about the products online. You need to know that people like myself are laboring hard behind the scenes to make sure that these products are safe for you to use plus educating you as a consumer is pressing to us.

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What I want my degree in

Earning my degree in Horticulture 30 years ago simply meant that I would be laboring with orange houses plus even farmers to develop stronger plus healthier plants. In fact, I worked for a single of the largest orangehouses in our state or nearly 20 years before I retired. I absolutely thought that I would simply take a part-time job at a local Nursery to earn a few extra bucks after retirement plus never dreamed that I would be earning what I am this week, due to the legalization of medical plus recreational marijuana I have started a modern supplier plus I am teaching people how to grow marijuana plants at their homes. Are state laws indicate that you can have up to multiple plants in your cabin for your own personal use plus the amount of people who are doing this is easily amazing; Educating them on the respected growth plus trimming of these plants is pressing because they have truly certain needs when it comes to the environment they are in. In order to flourish, they have to have the respected amount of sunlight, moisture, plus even humidity in the room so teaching people how to create this environment is pressing! Back in my school days, many of my other classmates crew cannabis plants in our dorm rooms but both of us consistently had to hide them now people have the opportunity to have them laying around with no problem. I’ve even heard that there are degrees that you can earn in school that center around cannabis education plus I know that has absolutely cool. I now earn almost as much as I did laboring for that sizable supplier all those years plus have a lot more fun doing it.

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Development of marijuana

As a high school guidance counselor, I am consistently on the lookout for modern programs that will help our students succeed in life… Often times it is difficult to find an area of learn that fits with a certain lady plus encouraging them to go to a 4-year College can be difficult, but she has high academic standards or they will be going away on an athletic scholarship it is easier to sway them in a single direction or another but for those who have no clue what they want to do it can be a daunting job, i recently had a sit-down with a single of those types of students plus she had an average grade point plus little to no interest in continuing her education; When I asked him what her favorite subject was in school she said science so I tried to know of areas that would interest him! Then when I asked you about her hobbies she looked at myself and others plus said, “getting high with her friends”, but get that point that she was truly serious about her statement so I took that as an opportunity to pitch a degree in cannabis education to him.

The use of recreational plus medical marijuana are both legal in our state plus there are several universities that are now offering classes plus even degrees in cannabis research plus education.

This is a growing trend amongst many people plus it seems like a perfect fit for this young man; At first I know she thought I was joking but then realized that I was serious plus her interest began to grow. I am sure she never thought that she would ever be provided plus education in growing plus developing marijuana for the general public plus yet that is easily a reality these days.

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Medical marijuana helped my mother with symptoms of chemotherapy.

My mother grew up during a time period when marijuana was considered very bad. Cannabis was called a gateway drug and it was said that only criminals used it. When recreational cannabis was legalized in our state, my mom said was very unhappy about it. She said she would never try it. She prided herself on never having even sampled any form of cannabis during her lifetime. She did not care about all the medical benefits provided by marijuana. When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she changed her opinion. The chemotherapy was a horrible experience for her. She felt terrible. Her doctor recommended she try medical marijuana for the side-effects. My mother was hesitant to walk into what she considered a head shop. The doctor convinced her that medical marijuana dispensaries are very safe, welcoming and upscale. The doctor was right. After my mother received the necessary paperwork, we visited a medical mairjuana dispensary. We were both surprised that it was not like the recreational facilities. There was no vaping lounge, couches or glass displays with vapes and edibles. Instead, the medical dispensary was arranged much like a doctor’s office. We sat in the waiting room until the appointment time. My mom was called into a separate room to consult with the budtender. The budtender was great at listening to my mother, explaining the benefits of cannabis and talking about it for treating nausea. He recommended a product for her. My mother was grateful that she doesn’t need to smoke anything. She was given the cannabis products right on the spot. The whole experience was simple and eye opening in terms of cannabis.

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*Using smoking cannabis to cut weight

It is not like I am dealing with any harmful side effects

When I announced that I was going to try smoking cannabis to help lose weight, everyone snickered. All the diet programs and various styles of exercising didn’t do me any good. No matter what, I couldn’t prevent myself from snacking at night. I like chewing on something sweet or salty. I know it’s a habit. I researched online on how to trim weight and I learned that people have had success with CBD oil. First, people laughed at my plan of using pot, saying that it would give me the munchies. CBD is only a component of the cannabis plant. It isn’t doesn’t get you high or increase appetite. CBD simply mellows a person and stabilizes insulin levels. Doing this helps to regulate a person’s caloric intake. The CBD gives me something to do without actually eating. After dinner is always the most challenging time of day for me. It’s when I’m most at risk of snacking. Now, I light up and smoke. I make it an activity for an hour. The craving to eat is replaced with something less harmful. I get relaxed and I sleep better after smoking. Cannabis is not the same as it was just a few years ago. I did not have to sneak around and deal with a drug dealer. I simply stopped in at a cannabis dispensary and asked for a product to help with weight loss. The budtender knew exactly what to recommend. He suggested a mild strain that doesn’t cause a high sensation. I use a vape that is discreet and simple. It is not like I am dealing with any harmful side effects. It isn’t addictive. I’ve noticed an improvement in my sleep patterns and I’m losing weight.

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CBD proves effective in treating acne

I used to suffer from severe issues with my skin. From the time I was twelve years old and into adulthood I dealt with severe acne. I always had large, red bumps all over my face and neck. I tried every option known to man to lessen acne. Nobody looks attractive when resembling a teenager going through puberty. I used clean and clear face wash, proactive treatment and even visited a dermatologist. Nothing helped. If anything, the various products turned my skin red and dry. I then read online that people have had success with CBD oil to treat acne. There is some debate over how well the oil works, but for me it has been fantastic. I went from having my whole face covered in red acne to having clear skin in less than two weeks. How does CBD effectively treat acne? First, the cannabis targets what causes acne. The oily, waxy substance that coats the face and results in acne is called sebum. Cannabis lessens the amount of sebum the pores produce. Also, stress and anxiety have been linked to breakouts. Cannabis naturally reduces stress and helps with relaxation. Also cannabis treats inflammation. The redness is eased just by ingesting the oil. I purchased CBD oil from a recreational cannabis dispensary through an online source. After seeing how well it worked, I have bought an entire case of the oil. I even considered trying other CBD products such as cookies, brownies and even spreads. I’d like to sample something different. Whatever works, right? I won’t veer to far away from CBD oil. I am so happy to have clear skin now.


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Cannabis butter help with stress over public speaking

I make a sandwich to eat and just spread the butter on my bread

I have heard that the leading fear among the American public is speaking in front of people. I admit that is my number one fear. I deliberately choose a field of work that put me behind a desk. I was offered a promotion a few months ago that requires me to travel for the majority of the year. Part of the job includes giving speeches about our products. When I first learned about this, I considered refusing the job. I hated to turn down the better job title, superior hours and greater pay. I did some research to see if there was any way to reduce my anxiety. I found that a lot of people deal with fear of public speaking by taking cannabis right before they need to speak speak. Cannabis is beneficial to those who experience stress and anxiety. Cannabis offers a mellow sensation and is effective for public speaking fears. I as unwilling to smoke a joint prior to a work presentation. Not only would I smell like weed, but it would be unprofessional. It would be awkward to head outside to smoke. I visited a cannabis dispensary to see what other products were available. The budtender offered a wonderful selection of edibles. The guy showed me a broad whole range of products that I could consume. They provided the necessary amounts of CBD without needing to smoke. There were sprays, gummies, oils and butters. I settled on a cannabis spread. I make a sandwich to eat and just spread the butter on my bread. I eat it a little while before the speaking engagement and then I am good to present. I have been able to complete speeches with success.

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Edibles provide an effective treatment for PTSD

My brother was 19 years old when he was shipped overseas to fight with the army.

Jordan served for six years and returned to us a different guy.

The PTSD was just terrible for him. Any slight sound caused him to jump out of his skin. Since he lives in the city, he was continually getting upset by loud noises and crowds. His girlfriend eventually came to me and asked for help. I started checking online for ways to safely treat my siblings symptoms. Unfortunately, local medical programs for veterans are limited due to funding and the demand is especially high. My brother never would have received any medical attention. I looked into medical marijuana. I learned that cannabis has been used to effectively treat PTSD. The cannabis apparently calms a person down and combats the flashbacks. The process to obtain medical marijuana was too taxing for my brother. It was a lot like visiting a doctor’s office. It required tons of paperwork. To avoid extra stress and time, I drove my brother to a recreational cannabis dispensary. The budtender was great with Jordan. He was knowledgeable in every style of strain offered from OG Kush to Purple Haze. He spoke with us about the benefits of smoking cannabis. He discussed edibles and all different options. We finally agreed that edibles were the best choice for Jordan. The gummies seemed easy to take and discreet. They are potent enough to work. I am hopeful that Jordan will have success with this. Whenever he feels a bit uneasy or jumpy, he just takes a few gummies to help him out.



Hemp seed oil is not as effective as CBD

As I have gotten older, sleeping has become more difficult.

This is because of menopause and all of the symptoms.

I suffer from hot flashes in the evenings. I wake up every hour covered in sweat. I end up turning on my window AC. Then I wake up again feeling too chilly and hide under my covers. I can’t seem to properly relax and stay asleep. I have looked into sleeping pills but they don’t seem all that safe. I read online that CBD is sometimes used to address sleep issues. The CBD oil is intended to be taken before bed to help ease you to sleep. Through further research I discovered that CBD is an oil that is a part of the marijuana plant. I am older and have always considered marijuana as having a stigma. But, for the sake of sleeping, I did not worry about it. My state hasn’t legalized cannabis sales for medical or recreational purposes. I found CBD oil online and had it shipped to my home. After getting the oil, sampling it and having no luck, I went back to the internet. I learned that most people were equally unhappy by the oil because it is actually hemp seed oil. That is why I was able to have it shipped to my state. Hemp seed oil is not as powerful or effective as CBD. To get pure CBD oil would require access to a recreational dispensary and paying a much higher cost. I would need to cross state lines and smuggle it illegally. That sounds like a bad idea. I’m hoping my state legalizes cannabis sales soon.
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Hoping cannabis will help with chronic pain

Three years ago I was involved in a car accident.

I was struck and the guy drove off.

I was left to deal with the consequences. Not only was my vehicle wrecked beyond salvage, but I was also injured. After that, my back, neck and shoulders frequently caused shooting pain pain. I have tried every option possible to help relieve my chronic suffering. I saw a doctor, a chiropractor and tried a massage therapist. I joined a yoga class, have gone for runs and tried eating various foods. Nothing has alleviated my pain. The biggest issue is waking up in the morning. Some days, I can barely get myself out of bed because I am so stiff. It doesn’t matter if I stretch at night or in the morning. I started began looking online and found that cannabis is often used to treat chronic pain. Included in the chemical makeup of the marijuana plant is cannabinoids. This component of the plant is supposed to alleviate pain when taken. I am not overly optimistic, but I am willing to try anything. The challenge has been getting my hands on the cannabis. My state has only legalized cannabis for medical marijuana purposes. I visited a medical marijuana dispensary and was told that I did not have the necessary paperwork to buy the product. I can’t just say I have pain and receive a prescription. I have now gone to see my doctor many three times. I have finally gotten him to provide a prescription so I can get medical mairjuana. There is still more paperwork to take care of. I need to meet with a budtender at the dispensary and determine what type of product will best suit me.


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