It’s incredible to have access to so several marijuana delivery services near me

After I moved into the neighborhood from the distant countryside, my shopping options have increased by tenfold.

The rural areas had only a single grocery store that had stood separate from a single renovation since the early fifties.

The interior smells love multiple generations of molds & the selection of goods is very poor. I never had the choice to shop at the supercenter unless I wanted to drive 20 more miles into the adjacent city. By the time my lease on my house was up for renewal, I was beyond ready to get out of my rural part & transfer into the city. I had saved a small chunk of currency so I had a pet deposit & the first week’s rent ready before I even started looking at possible rentals. My agent assisted me to find a suitable condo to rent in the course of multiple weeks. I was looking at several properties everyday, however it was worth the task & determination. Now that I’m living in the city, I have more choices with all sorts of shopping, from motorcar mechanics to doctors and dentists offices. Best of all, I have countless marijuana delivery services near me. I can make a special order over the internet & pay ahead of time to get contact-free home delivery. The pot dispensaries have their own trucks & delivery drivers, with some offering the delivery completely for free. Although not all of the dispensaries do same-day delivery, there is one right near my condo that usually offers delivery on the same day if you order before noon. I knew I’d be so much happier after moving out of the countryside & into the neighborhood for a change, but I never before considered having several delivery & pickup options for my favorite cannabis products.

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I just paid my 1st visit to the legal weed dispensary & now they’re delivering

Last year I was able to go into a 100% legal weed dispensary for the legitimately first time in my life… I remember thinking forward to this momentous day about a decade ago when I was still at college.

Back then None of us thought that our state would see legal marijuana in any form for at least decades to come.

Even as the tide was turning in other states, I was used to the Draconian mindset among the Boomers, who are the older & more conservative population in my area. What I didn’t realize is that most of the groups of people who I assumed didn’t love the plant were in fact cautiously enjoying it in the privacy of their own homes. It took a few weeks for our state medical cannabis registry to reach upwards of 20,000 patients. You don’t get to a number love that separate from thousands of the baby boomers that are existing marijuana users. And several of the last holdouts are now trying the plant to positive effects. I had been eager to get myself registered so that I could have legal access, however it took awhile. When I finally went to the dispensary when my weed card arrived, I was blown away when they told me that I could order for home delivery. The dispensary has their own cannabis delivery repair & they do not charge you extra to use it. As long as you can wait up to three days to get your delivery, you can get all of your marijuana and cbd purchases delivered to your front door as a medical cannabis patient. I have heard that the two of us might see a full cannabis legalization bill on the September voting ballot later this year. If recreational use was finally made legal, all people could get cannabis delivered to their front door.

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The medical cannabis dispensary offers a wide variety

Getting a medical cannabis patient card was an luxurious ordeal.

I had to file an application with the state with a 69 dollar fee, & an additional charge when they were issuing my card.

The initial doctor’s visit was 300 bucks, & every subsequent visit costs 150 bucks. So assuming it’s your hour or third year of being a cannabis patient, you’re looking at paying the doctor fee every few weeks & charging for the card once each year. Even if you’re wealthy, it’s a fancy endeavor to be a medical cannabis patient in my home state. I hate that I have to spend as much currency as I do to get my marijuana card, however it’s worth it. I use cannabis medicinally, & the sketchy stuff you’d get on the street is a far cry from the scrub & lab inspected marijuana that is sold by the premiere cannabis stores in my home state. I was surprised when the state voted to expand into recreational cannabis after just a few years of having medical cannabis dispensaries. Some would wonder why you’d continue to pay these outrageous fees to be a medical cannabis patient if you could buy it recreationally. The biggest issue is that you for one don’t have to pay the huge taxes on your cannabis products at each place of sale. The other reason is that occasionally the medical dispensaries have a better stock of whole flower blossoms & higher THC concentrates. They also offer free home delivery while the recreational dispensaries are mostly brick and mortar shopping stores only. The few recreational marijuana stores that offer home deliveries charge outrageous fees. You can expect to pay $25 to get a single order delivered, which is almost as much as just a single jar of whole flower cannabis.

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The new cannabis delivery service harkens back to the days of bicycle dealers in NYC

I just wish that more of the cannabis dispensaries in this state gave delivery programs.

The use of Cannabis has a long & storied history that goes far back beyond the current day. Researchers have found traces of THC molecules when doing autopsies on Ancient Egyptian mummies. Pakistan and India similarly both have a relationship with the plant that goes nearly as far back into Ancient times. Some have proclaimed that the recent apprehension to marijuana use was just a byproduct of deceitful and hateful propaganda, the American government being bent on destroying the plant’s reputation to protect oil & cotton industries from facing any competition with hemp based products. Despite this, cannabis thrived in underground use from day one. Now more & more people are trying it as the archaic laws & bans are lifted slowly however surely. For example, NY didn’t get a medical cannabis program until a couple of years ago. This fairly liberal state was famous for their bicycle riding street dealers that would bring marijuana to our NYC household after making arrangements over the cellphone. It’s crazy to see even-handed cannabis delivering programs running in several of these same neighborhoods. Although the pot dispensaries that give don’t use bicyclists, it seems love they’re still carrying the torch forward for all neighborhood & suburban residents alike. I just wish that more of the cannabis dispensaries in this state gave delivery programs. Of the few that do, all of them have fees that you pay with each and every order. As crazy as it may sound, occasionally this fee is as high as $35 per order. It’s hard for me to fathom spending this much to get a delivery order. Occasionally I only want to spend about $50 at the dispensary at any given time, meaning that my delivery fee would equal half of my entire order total!


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Social distancing is being lifted, but I have started buying cannabis via delivery

I’m scared at seeing all these people stop wearing face coverings & ignoring social distancing rules after our government started opening up the state last week.

And I know that our state is not alone—numbers of infectious folks are rising at an alarming rate in key states love AR, Oregon, AZ, TX, & Utah.

Worried that the two of us may be looking at a hour wave of deadly infections, I have been as thorough and diligent as I have ever been through this entire pandemic to prevent as much unnecessary risk as is possible. The grocery stores can be horrifying if you’re surrounded by people refusing to wear my face covering to prevent asymptomatic transmission of the virus. Some of the cannabis dispensaries in my hood have been far too lax with their initiatives to fight COVID-19. They’re already starting to fill their tiny lobbies again to get their patients lined up for an hour or more at a time. You have to stay in a cramped room for that long a time just to get your cannabis products, often with up to 30 other people or more. When I found one corporation that offers free delivery of all of their multiple marijuana products, I never looked anywhere else again. I have been lucky that this particular cannabis delivery repair also offers the highest quality whole marijuana flower & heat seals the plastic jars before twisting on the tops. Knowing that I can prevent unnecessary exposure by getting all of my cannabis delivered to my front doorstep has been a huge relief. And now that they’re even offering contactless delivery love the pizza joints did, it makes getting your medicine even safer.



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Using an app to find an online pot store near me

I have come to appreciate the variety of cellphone apps available these days.

You can do everything from tracking your energy for your entire fitness routine to having complete control of every smart enabled device in your house.

I remember when the cell cellphone market was dominated by flip cellphones that had little to no internet attachments or options if you were lucky. Blackberries were essentially the proto-smartphones that would pave the path forward for all mobile technology. It’s just daunting to know about how hastily all of this technology has enmeshed itself into the legitimately fabric of each person’s normal existence. I’ll confess that my smartphone is the first thing I look at in the day & the last thing I will look at before falling asleep. I order my food & schedule grocery pickups with little to no physical exertion because of the basic features many cellphones share these days. And to make it even more interesting, you can now buy marijuana on the internet in states where it is legal. After I downloaded an app to find an online cannabis store near my location, I stumbled upon all of these similar companies & dispensaries offering home deliveries with a small additional fee. The plan of getting my cannabis delivered to my front door seemed as a dream that had come true. Better yet, most of these internet marijuana dispensaries have their own apps that you should download to your cellphone to make ordering even easier. Otherwise, you can go directly to the website in your favorite internet browser if you want to see what cannabis strains they have readily available for home delivery. In some cases you can have curbside order pickup as well.



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Isn’t it crazy that I can buy marijuana online & thru the internet

It was stunning when Amazon started to really take off in the early 2000s.

Never before was there a centralized online retailer such as this offering several unusual kinds of products at affordable prices.

They took what had begun as an online marketplace—like ebay—and combined it with their online Borders. By the start of 2010, Amazon had become a massively huge corporate entity & had firmly established itself as a household name. I was ecstatic when Amazon Prime got introduced & still remember buying several of my textbooks for undergraduate schools from their Borders at massively reduced prices. With Prime, you could get your textbooks just 2 days after making the order. Many of us got all of our school books this way to avoid the massive 200% markup at the campus Borders. But there was one thing that I would have never considered, especially back then while I was still young & in school. That factor is online marijuana and cbd businesses. In states with either medical or recreational cannabis markets, several companies are opting for the route of being an online-only business. You make a shopping order with a cellphone app & you’re given a few options for receiving your weed products. First, you can utilize their cannabis delivery system & have your order delivered to your front door love a pizza. Your other option is drive-by or curbside pickup—they walk your bag up to your motorcar window as you pull up to their business. Regardless of how you get your cannabis after you order, it’s good having the option to buy your marijuana separate from going to a store to look in person. I don’t want to wait in longer lines, especially if I’m not even sure the store has my products in stock before stepping into a long line.
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The best recreational weed dispensary stopped charging extra for home delivery

Sometimes it takes me years on end to find a product or company that I love & want to stay loyal to. Finding a general physician or dentist when I moved across the country was exceedingly difficult. There are so several of them around that it may seem at a cursory glance that the number of options would translate to better opportunities with finding someone good. But that doesn’t happen with physicians, regardless of if they are a general practitioner or not. I had to cycle my way through about multipleor multiple choices before I found a doctor that understood all of my multiple dental and health needs & the medications I take to address my symptoms. I thought it was difficult enough to choose a pharmacy when I moved to my current neighborhood however just the dentist alone took me multiple weeks of trial & error. Similarly, I’ll never forget when I looked online at several local cannabis dispensaries after the plant was legalized recreationally in my state late last year. There seemed to be so several choices & I was confident that I’d have access to the very best marijuana that currency can buy. The truth has been far more disappointing. So a few of these companies are just trying to churn out acceptable products to make as much profit in the short term as they possibly can. You end up with a choice of multiple unusual cannabis dispensaries where the standard THC content in the whole flower is regularly well below 15%. I was ecstatic when I found a better dispensary that offers whole flower with a high percentage of 20% to 30% depending on the batch. Best of all, this corporation just stopped charging for their home delivery. You can’t beat high quality cannabis delivered to your door for no additional fees.

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There’s a current cannabis store that operates with curbside pickup

I deeply hated it when I was working as a news reporter for a local newspaper.

It was good when I started as a contractual gig, I was a freelance worker because the demands & expectations of each assignment had to be quite clear & very consistent from one week to the next.

They could not charge me half as much to do the very same type of assignments or to task the same number of hours. I thought me becoming a salaried staff writer there would be a dream come true for me. For once I could finally see myself a professional writer, however the title was not worth the long nightmare I had to endure as an employee. I made the same amount of currency each day regardless of what I accomplished or the number of hours I worked. I started charting it out & realized I was entirely working nearly 60 hours a week on salary with no overtime compensation. Burn out set in & I had to leave to protect my sanity. I also didn’t enjoy the one hour commutes each direction & the number of trips outdoors each week. Now that I’m entirely working from home for the first time ever, I can limit my trips out of the condo even more. I used to buy cannabis from the medical dispensary on my way home from task in the evenings, occasionally forced to wait in the lobby for a while from long lines. Now I can order marijuana concentrates with curbside pickup & local delivery drivers. If you live close enough to the dispensary, they will give your products to your home or condo at no additional charge. My favorite dispensary is a nearby online cannabis store that only offers curbside pickup & home delivery. They’re one of the most high efficient & lauded cannabis dispensaries in our state.

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I appreciate using quality medical cannabis that gets delivered right to my front door

We have all come a long way with shopping & home delivery over the past multiple decades.

When I was a wee child, the only things I remember ordering for home delivery was pizzas & other diner food.

This was a long while before e-commerce took off on the internet in the late 90s & early 2000s. If you had any packages shipped to your house, it was likely that you either ordered the item on the cellphone, through a color catalog, or it was sent to you by a associate or a family member. When e-commerce finally began to take off, it was amazing to see the development over a long stretch of time. Once I went to college, the number of products & items that could be obtained on the internet was amazing. You could by that point order almost anything over the internet & have it delivered to your front door. Now that we’re even further into the future, I’m amazed to see CBD and marijuana of all things being obtained on the internet & delivered to someone’s home. I thought it would be next to impossible for my state to even decriminalize cannabis, let alone legalize it for medical purposes. Since the two of us have a medical cannabis program only, there are strict rules from the state who are lab testing the products to ensure purity. I found out one of the largest cannabis dispensaries in our state is not offering home delivery. Their cannabis delivery repair delivers quarterly, & they repair the entire state in waves. So if you made an order randomly, you will have available delivery in your immediate part multiple days out of the following week while the truck would be on the other side of the state during the rest of the week. Since the cannabis delivery system is free, I can’t complain about the limited delivery times. Especially when the entire flower is so rich in THC & terpenes.

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