Medical weed helping with anxiety

I absolutely couldn’t understand the difference from trying a natural method for anxiety over pills. Up until I started using medical marijuana, I simply could not find anything else that absolutely helped me. My anxiety is something that I sort of pushed aside for most of my life. I was told that I was just a bit distraught by nature. Or that it was just that I was a bit scared. Of course, I believed all of that because I so wanted it to be certain. However, the older I got, the more I realized how much anxiety was negatively impacting my life. It was a real problem. If I had only known the great results I would get with medical cannabis back then! Medical cannabis has been allowed in this state of some time now. Recently, recreational marijuana was also made legal. This allows for anyone of legal age to have access to a legal weed store. It’s not just the medical marijuana dispensary now. A friend of mine absolutely introduced me to cannabis items. She had dealt with emotional complications plus went through the marijuana regulations years ago to get access to medical cannabis. It changed her life and she thought it could do the same for me. So I gave it a try. And it was such a change for me. It’s not like I never had anxiety again. It’s just that cannabis items allowed me a perspective that I could recognize the anxiety for what it was.



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IBS and weed

Once I started having all the gastrointestinal issues, I chalked it up to stress and poor diet.

  • I tried to do something about the worries and was successful to varying degrees.

However, the diet change absolutely stuck and I kept with it to keep from having all that horrible gastric complications. Still, the issues continued to where it was time to see a dentist. I ran tests to see if I had irritable bowel syndrome. With the help of medical cannabis, the irritable bowels are now a bit more relaxed. I just wasn’t seeing much improvement with the meds alone. So when a buddy recommended medical cannabis for IBS, I decided to look into it. I went to a few cannabis stores where I got plenty of cannabis information. I finally got sold on the medical marijuana facts. This made it much easier for me to go through the marijuana regulations in order to get our medical marijuana card. I’m just so grateful that chance even exists where I live. It hasn’t been legal all that long. I simply can’t imagine not using medical cannabis now that I have experienced medical weed benefits first hand. My IBS symptoms are far better now. The pain and cramping are nearly diminished. I only have a few episodes of that sort and they are not nearly as dire as they were prior to me using medical weed. My medical professional had been absolutely impressed with the results of the medical cannabis as well.

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Cancer and medical cannabis

Getting old isn’t fun folks.

This is something my dad used to say to me all the time as he was entering the last leg of life.

My dad ended up making it to near the 90 year mark before his body just finally gave out. And for him, it may not have been pretty but it was pretty good. I’m hoping to match that attitude of my dad’s as I enter my 60’s. Dad’s not been gone long. And that made my cancer diagnosis sting just that much more. So with the help I’m getting with medical cannabis, it may not be pretty but I’m fighting. My cancer is not so good. It’s not going to be 1 of those stories where it was caught just in time plus there will be a cure. This is something that I have come to deal with. Still, going through treatment is worth the fight for a remission. Who knows how long that could be but it’s worth it. I have to say that I absolutely do not like the chemotherapy. Medical cannabis is absolutely helping me with that. Initially, I just couldn’t taste or have an appetite. And when I forced myself to eat, I couldn’t keep it down. Once I started with the cannabis flower products my kid got me, I found that I could eat. And that is such a big thing because I am putting much needed nutrients in our body. The cannabis products also absolutely help with my outlook. Not that I’m all peaceful or anything despite the fact that I do have a real zen perspective thanks to the cannabis products.


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There is help with medical cannabis

Hiding inside most of your life is not the ideal way to live. At least it’s not been for me. Perhaps there are people that actually like being cut off socially. For me, it was the only way I could survive. Since I was in my early teens, I have had crippling anxiety and especially socially. For some reason, I have an innate feeling that I am being ridiculed and judged all the time. My logical sense knows this. But until I started using medical cannabis, I really wasn’t able to listen to the logic in my brain. Having access to a medical marijuana dispensary has changed everything for me. It started when my brother asked me to read some cannabis information that he had gotten at a cannabis event. He too deals with anxiety, just not to the degree that I do. My brother told me that he was experiencing a great deal of progress managing his anxiety and wanted me to at least consider medical cannabis. Well, the initial cannabis information I got from my brother intrigued me enough to really do my research. This resulted in me really getting a cannabis education. From there, I decided that I would go through the marijuana regulations in order to get my medical marijuana card. This process went smoothly enough. Yet, I was too anxiety ridden to go to the medical cannabis dispensary. So my brother helped me. And he was right. The staff at the cannabis dispensary were so kind and compassionate. They were gentle people which really put me at ease. They were able to set me up with the cannabis products that would help me manage my anxiety better. And, it’s working!

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Recovering from injury is aided by medical cannabis

So much for getting outdoors and doing all that exercising.

I have been a rather sedentary person most of my life until about a year ago. My family really encouraged me to get off my butt and get out for exercise. I totally understand given that I was overweight and in just terrible shape. However just a year later, I’m so thankful to have access to medical marijuana. Without it, I don’t think I would be progressing. By progressing, I mean in my recovery from a terrible injury. Part of my newfound exercise regimen were long, all day hikes. Each hike I tended to push the degree of difficulty. This was stupid and of course I ended up like this as a result. Five months ago, I was heading down a steep incline after a nearly 7 hour hike. Honestly, I was exhausted and should have stopped. Instead, I lost my footing and tumbled a very long way sustaining severe injuries to my legs and back. Fast forward to now and I am finally starting to see the light and it’s in large part due to getting a cannabis education. After surgery to repair my legs, I was in awful pain that was treated with high powered pain killers. This was something that I rapidly became dependent on. I couldn’t go to physical therapy without a pill. And that pill became 3. Luckily, my doctor got me some cannabis information and helped me through the marijuana regulations. I’m done with the pills as I am managing pain with the medical cannabis products I receive from the cannabis dispensary. My recovery has improved very significantly thanks to medical cannabis.

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Getting healthy is easier with medical cannabis

Self image is a really intense thing. It’s something that I don’t think we fully understand. How we see ourselves has such a huge impact on the way we live our lives and interact with others. It’s just that many of us don’t realize just how destructive the body image stuff can be. Medical cannabis is helping me to put my life back together due to the damaging effects of body image. I have never really liked my body. And mainly that’s because the story I get from our culture is my body size and shape aren’t worthy. That was something that I really became obsessed with. I wanted so badly to be like the images I saw of bodies that people basically worshipped. The cannabis products I am using while in therapy for my eating disorder and dysmorphia are helping me regain my health. I nearly cratered my entire body. There was a lot of binging and purging followed by heaping amounts of self loathing. Fortunately, with the help of cannabis gummies and therapy I am now learing how to feed my body. I’m also learning that appetite can be a healthy thing. This is all new to me. However, the medical cannabis that I receive from the legal weed store helps me recognize that this is a good direction. Not only do I have a healthy appetite after using medical cannabis, it helps me to choose wholesome things to eat. There is something about the medical cannabis that helps me be positive about this change. And the fear and anxiety I have felt over the size and shape of my body is diminished.



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Inching back to the world with help from medical cannabis

There is a lot of trauma in the world.

I guess I didn’t really understand to what levels until I experienced it for myself. Growing up in this country with two parents, stability and nearly unlimited potential can be a very sheltering experience. So when a person goes through some horrific experience, it can be really damaging. I am learning how to reenter my life with the help of medical cannabis because I have experienced trauma and it damaged me. Growing up, I saw armed conflict and serving one’s country in a very unreal way. But that is how it’s presented. Real combat is another thing entirely. Having experienced several tours of duty where I was exposed to the insane brutality of war has left me emotionally and physically wrecked. I belong to a therapy group of other soldiers who are dealing with much the same thing. Part of the therapy is using medical cannabis. The thing about the cannabis products and what they do for me are hard to clearly define in clinical terms. What I can say is that I feel much more calm with the medical cannabis and my paranoid fears are lessened. Plus, I am able to talk about my feelings which really helps get me past this broken phase of where I am. There is no doubt that the medical cannabis I receive from the legal weed store is helping. It’s helping a great deal. I don’t know that I’ll ever be what I was before my traumatic experiences. But with the help of medical cannabis, I hope to end up being more than just broken by that trauma.


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Inflammation is greatly reduced using medical cannabis

Once I started using the cannabis products, the benefits hit me right away

It’s tough sometimes to avoid falling down the victim path. I know that has been particularly true for me. Up until a few years ago, my life had been like one big grand prize. Well, that may be an exaggeration. But looking back and comparing it to now, it sure feels that way. I’ve been dealing with condition where my joints and other connective tissue get wildly inflamed. This creates a lot of pain. I’ve been incorporating medical cannabis into my treatment which is helping both the inflammation and my emotional state. When your body hurts all the time and your so limited as to what you can do, it’s simply depressing. And I was starting to go the route of thinking of myself as a victim. It’s understandable but so not healthy for me. The medications I have used help some but the side effects often cause me to feel sleepy, dizzy or nauseous. But a friend got me some cannabis information she got from a cannabis event at a medical marijuana dispensary. After doing a bit more research to gain more cannabis education, I found that medical cannabis was an opportunity for me. Under a doctor’s care, I went to the medical marijuana dispensary to get the specific cannabis products that would help me. Once I started using the cannabis products, the benefits hit me right away. The inflammation lessened and my spirits rose. It was the first time in years that I actually felt like I was going to be able to manage my condition. That is nearly the best feeling I have ever had.



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Using it for my PTSD

I was having a hard time when I first came home from battling overseas.

I saw a lot of things and did more than I ever thought I could. I couldn’t erase the time in that place, and I wasn’t dealing well with it. I had to find something that would help me, so I went to the only person I knew who had an answer. He was a good pal of mine, in addition to he was a psychologist. He told me that medical marijuana was a great way to ease the anxiety that goes with PTSD. He was diagnosing me with PTSD and that was how he got me medical weed. He gave me all I needed to get a medical cannabis card. I found that I was having an easier time dealing with the PTSD now that I was using medical marijuana. It took almost 21 years to be able to deal with the PTSD. Along with the medical cannabis, I acquired a lot of help from the psychologist. He left me with a lot of stuff that helped me to deal with life outside of war. After that time, I found that medical cannabis was for more than dealing with life, it also did the same thing as other drugs. I was able to relax and have fun with my friends. Buying medical cannabis was easier than going into a liquor store. Medical cannabis is helping me and has become a coping mechanism if my PTSD rears its head in addition to starts making me unsafe to be around myself.

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Medical weed for cancer symptoms

I took the script back home and learned how to fill it at a cannabis dispensary.

When I first found out that I had cancer, I went through a whole cycle of emotions. I was in denial. I was sure someone had made a large mistake. I then became frightened. Even though the doctor insisted the cancer was in its earliest form, I kept thinking of all the awful things I had heard about cancer. I didn’t want to lose my hair. I didn’t want to go through the pain. I didn’t want to handle the degradation that goes with the treatment. I didn’t want to die! I then began to accept the fact that I had cancer and I wanted to know how to fight it. The doctor told me they were going to start with a small amount of radiation that would be able to kill the cancer. Then they would follow up with chemo. I wanted to know if I was going to lose all my hair? He admitted that most of his patients did experience hair loss and occasionally that hair loss was permanent. He also said that the loss of hair was greater than the loss of our life. The worst part of the chemo,and the one people complained about most, was the nausea. He gave me a prescription for medical weed to fight that. He said it was the best way to handle the nausea in addition to it would improve my appetite. I took the script back home and learned how to fill it at a cannabis dispensary. They additionally helped me to get my medical marijuana card. They filled my prescription. Medical marijuana saved our life. I handled the chemo well, in addition to I am now looking forward to being a mom.


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