Way rather smoke than drink now

My friends and I used to get together and only booze.

  • It was constantly a big deal on what bars to go to and whose house we were pregaming at.

I hated going out and drinking alcohol. It was so expensive drinking at a bar. I also hated that I always needed to pee in the gross bar bathroom. I wasn’t a very fun drunk person either. I tended to get really loud and aggressive. It wasn’t uncommon for me to get into a fistfight when I drank. The next day I really paid for drinking too. I would get the worst hangovers. I would vomit, lay in bed all day and have a splitting headache. Thankfully ever since recreational marijuana had become legal in my state, my buddies don’t drink as much anymore. Now we all get together and smoke weed. Typically our group places an order with the legal pot dispensary and awaits for cannabis delivery. Everyone can pick exactly what they want. The prices are not too bad and all smoking is done at home. I have access to a clean bathroom, fresh water and any snack I want. I also am way better when I am high. I am fun, creative and very mellow. The next day I feel just fine too. I can work, workout and go along with my normal day. My buddies and I have tons of options with cannabis. I typically prefer to smoke but it is not uncommon for my group to try some edibles one night we all get together.



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Sticking to edible marijuana

When I get cannabis products from the legal pot dispensary near me, I only stick to edibles.

I don’t like smoking anything.

Flower and cannabis oil I totally ignore in the marijuana dispensary. I don’t do concentrates or topicals either. I like that with an edible I get a quicker, more powerful high. I also like that I can get so many different flavors and forms of edibles. There are chocolates, gummies, cookies and cakes. I can even find CBD infused cooking oils, butters, sprays and even soft drinks that have a high THC content. I have been making it my mission to try everything edible my cannabis dispensary offers. The problem is that they offer such a broad cannabis menu. I look at all the different options and I can only buy so many. I don’t want to have ten different edibles laying around my house. I usually once a month buy a bit and slowly make my way through each thing. One thing I have found that I love the most is cooking with cannabis. The cannabis cooking oils are just so fun. I like doing a stir fry or drizzling the oil over salmon. I feel a little mellow, a little high and a lot satisfied when I do it. I can even get the oil in different flavors to give it more of a flare. About once a month I have friends over too and do a cannabis themed night. There are even rubs and seasonings with cannabis in them that I can incorporate into pastas.


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Growing marijuana was a bust

It is nice to know some high end people are making what I am smoking now.

When recreational marijuana became legal in my state I started researching marijuana growing. I figured I could save some money by growing my cannabis products on my own. I bought seeds from the cannabis dispensary and went to work. After failing multiple times I realized that I just didn’t have the right gear. You need to have special LED or HID lights. There needs to be a HVAC system changing temperatures per month. Also things like humidity, ventilation, nutrients and water play a key factor with the plants growth, smell and potency. I just didn’t have what it takes to grow marijuana. I have now just completely relied on my dispensary for my products. It is much nicer going into the legal weed shop and picking up what I want. I know I am getting a freshly grown strain of cannabis. The THC content is actually what it says it is going to be and everything smells great. There is a reason that cannabis growers are so large. They need all that equipment and in order to sell to the cannabis dispensary, they need to create the product from seed to sale. I never had lofty aspirations of selling my product, but I wasn’t even close to that stage. It is nice to know some high end people are making what I am smoking now. It makes sense that not everyone is cut out for growing cannabis. It is almost like a science or artform. I just don’t have the money, brain power and patience for it. I better leave it to the professionals.

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I like being a delivery driver

I lost my job about a month ago and was really desperate to pick up work fast for the upcoming holidays.

There were not a lot of places hiring.

Most businesses in my area are crumbling or doing reduced hours. One avenue that is thriving is cannabis. All the cannabis dispensaries have either open storefronts or are doing cannabis delivery. A lot of the legal bud stores near me needed delivery drivers. Thankfully I was able to pick up a gig quick and now I deliver cannabis for a job. I just drive around five days a week for a few hours delivering products to where I am supposed to. I pick up tons of orders at the legal weed shop and then I find the various addresses. Most of the time I just leave the packages on porches, in carports or on the front step. Occasionally I will need to make maybe one minute of small talk with the customer. For the most part, I can move quickly and efficiently. I have to say, I love my job so much more than my old one. I used to be in an office setting work 40 hours a week. I hardly did anything and was stressed all the time. Now I can listen to music, set my own hours and just have a relaxing day. It is almost virtually impossible to mess up with this job. Everyone is happy to see me and I have all the work I want. I really like being a cannabis delivery driver and I might make this my long term career path.
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You can have control again

Well it happens to everyone at some point I suppose.

I just never feel like I absolutely pictured myself in our fifties.

In fact, it is periodically hard to understand the guy in the mirror with all the gray. He sure has the same face and body, mostly, however the gray beard and hair are a bit sudden at times. I sure hope I don’t go off and become one of those dudes who loses his hair. But, to each his own I suppose. One of the swings I am embracing includes recreational cannabis. I’m absolutely one of the few 50 somethings on the block that I know who never enjoyed recreational cannabis in their youth. Recreational pot use always seemed widespread in our generation. Plus, it was totally accepted as much as having a nice cocktail was. But, I know the fear of God was put into myself and others by our older folks so I steered clear of recreational marijuana. Thankfully, all that has now changed for the better. With the advent of legal weed, I am now able to use recreational cannabis each day without fear of any sort of repercussions. It was commanded by a friend of mine that I regularly play soccer with. I noted over the course of a few weeks that his game was so much more consistent every week. Plus the miserable outbursts that would pepper his activities was now conspicuously absent. I inquired as to whether he had found a great therapist or what was going on. I was stunned to learn that he had absolutely discovered legal weed was sold at the local weed store. After seeing what it did for him, I was all in. And I can tell you, I have been so honestly pleased with this addition to our life.

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Let’s get things pulled together

It may have something to do with the underlying fact that I subconsciously was thriving on stress and turmoil.

That is a negative combination to thrive on right? But as I am studying, I’m for sure not the only human to be in that boat.

Back when I was in school, I enjoyed partaking in recreational cannabis from time to time. In fact, I was into recreational pot most every weekend. My studies were highly difficult and I can remember what a needed lift I got from recreational weed. That definitely was a lesson I might have been better off had I taken it more to heart. Instead, I generally let achievement, success and financial matters take over the trajectory of our life. While I studied our passion in school, I didn’t simply follow it instead choosing a corporate job ladder. I’m not judging that original decision because we are who we are in huge part now due to the decisions we make. And that is as it should be. However, that life path came with a lot of turmoil and stress as I said before. Thankfully, legal weed finally happened. When they opened the recreational cannabis store near me, I went off and ventured to try some CBD products. After I used this stuff, I found that I was sleeping a hell of a lot more soundly and woke up a bit more rested and relaxed all at the same time. That first spurred myself and others on to try some recreational marijuana. From the first try, it took myself and others right back to that joyful, peaceful feeling I had way back at school as a youngster. Recreational marijuana is now an area of our life that helps myself and others adequately remember that life is about living first and working later.

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I’ll never go back

I’m getting older now plus it has finally begun to quickly dawn on me why those who live simply are consistently smiling so much.

They easily don’t approach life as some sort of gauntlet to be mastered plus subdued every day.

It certainly is about winning plus losing at all. It’s simply all about being. This is what I am studying as I have shifted to a more holistic approach to residing happily in our life. And recreational marijuana has been an important element in this massive overall approach plus lifestyle change. Thankfully with the advent of legal weed in our state, I can make recreational cannabis a routine section of our modern life. The certainly presence of recreational marijuana in our life has allowed me to further be able to embrace a lifestyle that was so foreign to me for so long. I was raised to be a highly effective achievement machine. That’s not a knock on our parents because that was how modern civilization viewed the optimum way to raise a child. However, there wasn’t always a whole lot of real compassion or caring thrown in there with all the grinding toward financial success. That would ultimately end up wrecking our life. And honestly, I’m cheerful to say that life got wrecked because it was a miserable single indeed. I didn’t appreciate anything however all manner of material possession, praise plus false power. It cost me an unhealthy marriage. But to be honest, I don’t recognize all of us were ever as much in appreciation as all of us were in committed partnership. Now, I have an odd perspective that is due in large to recreational weed. I’m just so thankful that I can simply go to the legal weed store now in order to get access to this important section of what always helps me be humble plus cheerful.

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I want to give props to weed

I’m most certain that several people have never personally experimented with recreational cannabis.

There aren’t that several people that I feel personally that are in this camp.

But, I’m sure they must be out there. My very first experience with recreational pot was while in our certainly early twenties. It was highly interesting how odd it made me feel. And, I’m not just talking about the physical experience, either. Back then, I was certainly moved spiritually whenever I tried recreational marijuana. Of course, back then there was no such thing as casually swinging by the legal weed store. No, recreational pot use was more dangerous due to all the legal hassles that came with being caught. Thankfully, those dark ages have come to an end. Now, I can go down to the local legal cannabis dispensary near me for whatever I need. Just using recreational cannabis again has truly opened me up to a perspective that I thought was lost. In fact, the entire legal weed situation has led to a much more holistic approach toward life for me nowadays. I put less weight in all the stress plus strain to achieve some altered and shallow perspective of success. I guess that residing our life is what is important. Legal weed has absolutely helped me to find that again. Thankfully, now I can simply go to the weed store located near me to find the natural substance that helps me stay grounded plus incredibly balanced. I have incorporated recreational pot use into a well rounded regimen that’s all focused on holistic health. The result is a man whose reflection I once again happily recognize in the mirror.


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There are various cannabis extraction solutions for marijuana producers

I just found a new blog that I love regarding marijuana growing information.

They have everything from helpful tips for beginners to advice for professional growers.

The authors post a new article every three days featuring a new or old topic regarding cannabis cultivation. Often they reach out to readers to select new topics to cover in the blog posts. One of the great things about this blog are the authors themselves. If you need help, clarification, or have a direct question to ask, the authors always respond to their emails. It makes navigating the process of learning marijuana cultivation much easier for a total novice like myself. I have received their assistance when I was shopping for high performance lighting and needed recommendations on brands that are available at the stores in my area. In the blog they often recommend whatever companies’ products they can find in their immediate area, but manufacturers carried at hardware stores in one state can differ greatly compared to another state. The authors of the blog have always helped me better understand the process of making cannabis extracts. I knew there were various cannabis extraction solutions, but I didn’t realize marijuana growers have so many at their disposal these days. You can use a solvent like ethanol, CO2, or butane to pull THC and other cannabinoids directly from the plant, resulting in products like distillate oil, shatter, and wax. Rosin is created by slowly heating and compressing harvested plant material, which causes the oils to seep out of the plant matter like sticky maple syrup. Sometimes the trichomes are dry sifted from the flower buds before they’re heat pressed, which yields an even purer product


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No fungal diseases here

Plants are alway susceptible to infections and diseases, although many people do not realize this when they go into gardening as a rather strong interest.

It’s not regularly easy keeping flowers in your flower bed from dying despite ample water and sunlight.

Even the fool-proof flowers sold at the department store landscaping space aren’t regularly fool-proof. I had to go scouring the internet to figure out what I was doing wrong with all of the flowers I kept trying to keep in my garden at home. It turns out that I was over watering all of my plants. Once I had fully grasped the concept of how to keep your run of the mill flowers alive through one season to the next, I decided I’d try to grow something that was more challenging. Instead of growing in my garden, I decided to buy a hydroponic vegetable kit to grow veggies in my family room. I didn’t realize at the time that I could in essence grow cannabis plants in this same hydroponic growing system. However, without climate control and isolation from the rest of the house, the cannabis plants inside my hydrogarden were getting exposed to fungal spores in the air. It’s pressing that marijuana plants have adequate ventilation at all times to prevent fungal outbreaks. I ended up going on the internet to pick up a custom built grow box for my marijuana plants. This current marijuana grow box comes equipped with everything I need to cultivate and harvest up to numerous cannabis plants at any time. It has high quality and high performance lighting, plus ample climate control and a built in irrigation system. It’s supposed to be a fool proof system, but we’ll just have to wait and find out.

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