Can I get my cat to calm down?

Eric in addition to I made a huge mistake when we got our cat.

I am not saying that getting the cat was a mistake but Eric and I made a large error while training our kitty. For example, the two of us absolutely should have put more effort into training the cat. Now that she is a year old, in addition to quite sassy. We can’t leave our cat at the beach house alone. She breaks out of her cage. She has bad separation anxiety in addition to she destroys the apartment while she is alone, however Eric in addition to I absolutely need to hire a professional trainer to help us with this; But, in the meantime, our cat gets what she wants. That means she gets to go everywhere. So we need to order all of our groceries on the computer plus then have them delivered to our front door. That also means that I ordered all of my marijuana products offline too. Now these are legal marijuana products sold by a recreational marijuana dispensary. They have a really great store with a lot of weird marijuana products for sale. I used to go indoors, back before the cat problem. But now, I just order what I need and then they take it out and deliver. I noticed the other day that they have marijuana products for cats. Apparently there are stress reducing marijuana cat treats. I am thinking about trying these out. Maybe my cat will calm down.

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