Cannabis helped me to overcome my fear of speaking publicly

When I got promoted at my job I was truly thrilled until I realized I needed to speak! The promotion required me to travel throughout the country and supply public presentations.

I am certainly more than an anxious public speaker.

I have serious anxiety when it comes to stepping up in front of a crowd and talking. I start to sweat, my voice shakes and I get entirely red in the face. In school I honestly fainted once. I started freaking out that I couldn’t do the job and my anxiety became worse. Thankfully a neighbor of mine recommended turning to cannabis. I went to a legal weed store to locate a product that would help my anxiety. The budtender was truly enjoyable when it came to listening to my worries and suggesting products that could assist me. I didn’t want an edible that I had to carry around. I also didn’t want to smoke a joint straight before an important meeting. Not every state allows for recreational cannabis too. Also, there are people who are actually against using marijuana, even if it is legal. I wanted something very discreet. The budtender then got me a mouth spray that has cannabis in it. I do a few squirts in my mouth after enjoying a meal and I am basically set. When I truly get anxious I do 3-4 sprays to mellow myself out. I no longer get that terrible fear while speaking. Anytime I stress beforehand, I just take a few hits and I feel fine. I am so blissful that I got to keep my promotion and it was essentially all thanks to cannabis.



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