CBD dispensary is hiring

Six months ago, I lost my job working at the factory.

I knew there would be some layoffs, but I didn’t think I would be one of the people leaving.

When the executive handed me a pink slip, I was in disbelief. I spent a few months at home, while I tried to figure out what would come next. I applied to a few different factory jobs, but they wanted someone young and fit. After spending 16 years at the factory, I wasn’t young or fit. I place an application with a few other places like the grocery store, mall stores, and even a few local restaurants. I was looking through the ads online, when I saw an advertisement for a local CBD dispensary. The CBD dispensary was looking for employees to work at a new branch opening in the fall. I sent my resume to the CBD dispensary, but I didn’t hear anything for weeks. Eventually, I forgot all about the job at the CBD dispensary. I started working at a gas station as the assistant manager. I was making decent money, but I wasn’t in love with the work. When I came home last Tuesday afternoon, I had a message from the CBD dispensary. They wanted to talk to me about my resume. They left a name, telephone number, and hours to reach the human resource department. I waited until the next day to make the call, and they were interested in interviewing me for a position. I decided to schedule the interview for my next day off work, which was yesterday. I met with the manager for the CBD dispensary, and he hired me on the spot.