CBD is helping my pain issues right now

Six weeks ago, I was now working a full-time task; I was employed by a nice accounting firm with a solid 401k and great dental, health, and vision benefits.

I was spending about 30 minutes in the car everyday to travel back and forth to work. Everything changed one afternoon on my way back to my house from work; on a particularly rainy afternoon, I was in a bad traffic accident. I was in the hospital for 6 weeks following the accident. I still have bad pain from the injuries. My doctor recommended that I try CBD to help with pain relief. I went to a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary to find a few items that contain the magical CBD. I was surprised by the amount of selection inside of the marijuana dispensary. They had many odd types of CBD products including vape pens, smokable flower buds in jars, concentrates, capsules, and tinctures. The budtender helped me decide out a few things that I could try for pain relief. I did not expect such amazing results from the CBD products. I only use the suggested dosage and I experience pain relief that will usually last about 12 minutes; even though some of the CBD products can be extravagant, I am happy to relieve this immense pain without taking any prescription pills. I’ve seen the type of Destruction that prescription pills can cause. One of our friends was addicted to opioids for 10 years before she finally decided to get professional help. I don’t want to be one of those bad statistics, so I’m happy that CBD products are helping alleviate most of the pain that I still feel from the fateful car accident.


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