CBD oil versus CBD edibles

My husband has been using CBD oil for almost three months now and he has found that it is a big relief for him. His back was badly injured many years ago, and it has caused him to have severe pain now that he is getting older. He was to the point where we were considering purchasing a go-kart for when we were outside the house, and that was when he decided to try CBD oil Recently, I was online purchasing his CBD oil when I saw they were advertising CBD edibles. I was disappointed that they didn’t go into any description of the edibles. They did describe the CBD capsules and how to use them. They also talked a lot about CBD gummies. I found it interesting that they mentioned giving the CBD gummies to children, but that they only needed a quarter to one half of the gummy, at the most. I was specifically looking for an edible that worked to help relieve pain. They mentioned that the CBD edible was good for energy. They had CBD edibles as vitamin supplements and even for weight gain and sleep. I couldn’t find anything that was made for pain relief, other than the CBD oil. I knew he was interested in finding something that work best for his pain and he didn’t really like the CBD oil because of the odd flavor and oiliness. Unfortunately, I won’t pay for the CBD edibles if I’m not sure they are going to work for him. He won’t be making any CBD comparisons any time soon.

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