CBD really is different from cannabis

My appetite has always been pretty low, even when I was a kid and there was cake at birthday parties.

Food has just never really been that interesting to me.

Various doctors have given me medicine to induce appetite and help keep me healthy, but they usually have nasty side effects that make me stay away. I was reading an article about the benefits of CBD a few months ago, and saw that increased appetite was listed. I thought this was interesting and talked to a friend of mine that works in a medical marijuana dispensary. He told me that CBD has been helping many people, especially those that have eating disorders or trouble eating, because it can boost appetite. I told him I didn’t want to experience anything like the ‘munchies’ people get from marijuana, and he assured me his CBD strains were much mellower. I tried a full spectrum CBD oil based on his recommendation, and also because I loved the name. It is called Girl Scout Cookies, although it tastes nothing like a cookie! I have been adding the CBD oil to my tea for a few months, and my weight has certainly gone up. I notice that I am able to eat more without feeling nauseous, but I don’t have an insatiable hunger or drive to eat. The effects of the CBD are light, but definitely there. CBD oil has significantly helped me with my appetite loss issues and I am happy that I found it. Next I am going to look into different strains of CBD to see if I can find one that’s best for insomnia and appetite control.


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