Cooking with weed

When I get weed products from the legal pot dispensary near me, I only stick to edibles.

I don’t enjoy smoking whatsoever.

Flower and cannabis oil I totally ignore in the marijuana dispensary. I don’t do concentrates or topicals either. I enjoy that with an edible I get a faster, more powerful high. I also enjoy that I can get so many different flavors and forms of edibles. There are cakes, cookies, brownies and oils. I can even find CBD infused cooking oils, butters, sprays and even soft beverages that have a high THC amount. I have been making it our mission to try everything edible our cannabis dispensary offers. The problem is that they offer such a broad range of cannabis. I look at all the new options and I can only buy so many. I don’t want to have multiple different edibles sitting around our house. I usually once a month buy a bit and slowly make our way through each thing. One thing I have found that I enjoy the most is cooking with weed. The cannabis cooking oils are just so fun. I enjoy doing a stir fry or drizzling the CBD oil over scallops. I feel a little mellow, a little high and a lot satisfied when I do it. I can even get the oil in different flavors to provide it more of a flare. About once a month I have friends over too and do a weed themed night. There are even rubs and seasonings with cannabis in them that I can incorporate into dishes.

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