Cupcake recipe with weed

I don’t like to waste weed, but that is exactly what happened to the first time that I tried to make marijuana infused baked goods. I didn’t do enough research on the process plus I thought I would be easy on my own. Sadly, I ended up wasting almost an entire ounce of weed in the process. When I went back to the shop to buy more of my product, I decided to ask someone for help. I realized some large mistakes right away when a budtender decided to provide myself and others some advice. I wasn’t constantly taking out the THC plus that’s why my oils didn’t have any effects. My meals just tasted like THC, but they didn’t provide any euphoria or high feeling. I was making the cannabis oil completely incorrect. I was trying to make oil separate from the right tools. To make things worse, I tried to make cupcakes with it. The first batch tasted bad plus that sizable blunder was why I threw in the towel. The budtender inside the dispensary offered me the name of a website that had a good recipe for extracting THC from the plant. I thanked the guy for the useful tip and took my modern weed to the buyer. I haven’t tried another batch of cupcakes using the cannabis oil yet. To be honest, I’m a little scared. Weed is costly plus I am not made of currency. I cannot run to the dispensary plus buy an ounce of weed every time I want to try a modern recipe. I want to be certain that the next batch of cupcakes is truly made respectfully.