Eyesight improving thanks to help from medical marijuana

All of us have various health issues that we deal with for no other reason than who our parents are and the genes they passed on to us.

  • I know there are a lot of things that I’m thankful for when it comes to my genetics.

I’m a healthy man with good skin and good teeth. However, I also am bald and I have struggled with borderline glaucoma for my life. With the help of medical marijuana, I am dealing with that issue. Unfortunately, medical cannabis has yet been able to cure the baldness. But medical cannabis has long been attributed to helping people with my condition. Now with the advent of full fledged medical cannabis, even western medicine is acknowledging the medical marijuana benefit for this condition. I’ve been just medical cannabis products once I started looking into cannabis information and attending cannabis events in my area. It just made such logical sense for my to utilize a natural substance to treat my situation. The doctor has been really pleased by the reduction in the pressure in my eyes from the borderline glaucoma condition. I have found that my eyesight is also improving as well. There are less floaters that I notice when I’m looking at things. It’s remarkable that medical marijuana had such a tremendous effect on me. I’m just thankful that I live in a state where medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal. It allows me to simply go to a cannabis dispensary to pick up the cannabis products that help me. It’s just that easy and the result I have experienced using medical cannabis simply speak for themselves.


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