Favorites change

When I was growing up, my favorite food was always the same. It didn’t matter when you asked me, or what sort of mood I was in at the time, I’d always say mozzarella sticks. I could have just finished eating an entire box of mozzarella sticks by myself in addition to I would have still said that my favorite food was mozzarella sticks. Although I enjoy all sorts of topping combinations on mozzarella sticks. I like breadcrumbs, red sauce, cheese and italian seasoning. Hot sauce on mozzarella sticks is not what most people eat but I love it. Either you enjoy it on mozzarella sticks like I do, or you undoubtedly don’t like it and find it so gross. Mozzarella sticks are still a favorite food of all time, but right now I enjoy a fantastic box of wings. My feelings toward particular cannabis strains change as time goes on as well. I used to enjoy White Widow in addition to OG Kush more than any other strains of cannabis. My college friends in addition to me were all obsessed with White Widow back in the afternoon because it was an exotic strain that we got once or twice a year if we were fortunate. Don’t get myself and others wrong, I’d still enjoy White Widow cannabis if you gave it to me, but my preferences have changed in the years since college. Right now my 2 favorite cannabis strains are Girl Scout Cookies in addition to Blue Dream There are so many special strains of cannabis available right now, although I still enjoy these 2 classics.



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