Finally something great happened

Our community just got a good big raise not that long ago.

There has been such ups and downs here that the community was overdue for something good to finally happen.

So from losing our local shopping center to the wrecked economy, there hasn’t been much room for good things around here. This has changed thanks to the new addition of a local marijuana dealer having arrived in our town. I knew the cannabis dispensary was coming. But, I had no clue the impact it would actually have on us all. Not only is the part a cannabis dispensary, it also includes a pretty little cannabis shop as well. I know the cannabis shop has been the best thing for us. This local cannabis spot is located in an area where tons of people walk, play in the park and come together to party. I don’t know a marijuana company could have picked a better location. I entirely enjoy going in there to get our Indica products for myself. I have been using recreational marijuana for most of my life. So, I guess the cannabis shop has made it much more reasonable to us all who partake. I like to come in every now and again in order to indulge in some of the delicious cannabis edibles they have offered. They make some very good pot laced chocolate. Having the cannabis cafe has entirely brought some much needed fun and good times back to our community. It couldn’t have come at a better time!

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