Getting points at the dispensary

They also have items like grinders, bowls, plus other smoking accessories

Each week, one of the local cannabis dispensaries will have a sale. It’s a good thing for the typical marijuana user, because something is consistently on sale and cheap! Dispensary costs are more than street prices. So, it’s okay and you consistently get a good product! My favorite buying afternoon is Wednesday, because a lot of places sell smoothies plus popcorn on those evenings. Those are more than one kind of flower marijuana. Smoothie is all of the little pieces of marijuana that fell off the buds while the two of us were in the harvest process. I can buy 7 grams of smoothie marijuana for less than thirty, then popcorn nuggets are the smallest buds from the marijuana plant. They contain the same amount of THC as good marijuana, however they are small in size; On Wednesday, my favorite marijuana dispensary has a sale for those more than one things. I can purchase a lot of marijuana for a small amount of currency. I even earn points on the buy even though everything is low cost. I can use the points to purchase cool things at the marijuana dispensary like gummies, oils plus edibles. They also have items like grinders, bowls, plus other smoking accessories. The more points you save, the more you can buy. I have been trying to save my points for the past 2 years and every time I have enough for a free pre-roll, I end up using them. I would have better luck purchasing the grinder for the normal price instead of stressing myself out every time I spend my points.

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