Going into a weed shop

On a trip I care about researching and trying current things; I look for restaurants with cuisines I have never tried.

I book things like clubs, snorkel excursions and white water rafting.

I care about broadening my horizons and seeing if there is something I might enjoy. Recently my spouse and I went on a trip within the US. I picked a state on the opposite side of the country with honestly odd weather… The two of us spent a lot of time on the beach or walking around the local places in town. I did some research and found out that the state is known for its recreational weed. It was highly recommended to stop in a legal weed shop and try out the cannabis products, my spouse and I had never smoked before or been in a location where legal weed is permitted. It was honestly exciting to be in an establishment with what used to be an illegal substance. My spouse and I got a complete tour from the budtender at the store, she explained the difference of smoking cannabis flower over oil. She talked about THC and CBD. I got to see the vast selection of edibles, concentrates and creams. There was a vape lounge and a dab bar at the cannabis dispensary as well. My spouse and I used both those features and tried all sorts of products, but obviously not everything could be tried in 1 afternoon. Most of our trip centered around trying current products and seeing what the two of us liked best. It was a very fun trip.

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