Grandaddy Purp is old but fantastic and yummy

My friends in addition to myself love the strain Granddaddy Purp.

It is dominant in indica and just the type of marijuana strain to put you in the couch for hours.

I love to buy Granddaddy Purp when I need a great night of rest. The people I was with an addition to myself recently found that we could purchase edibles made directly from the Grand Daddy Purp. Grand Daddy Purp has this distinct odor in addition to taste in addition to smoking it seems to make me cough. I really like to have my Grand Daddy Purp in some edibles. When I have some edibles at night before going to sleep, I rarely struggle with insomnia. The people I was with an addition to myself tried a lot of different sleep aids but nothing seemed to work out well. The Grand Daddy Purp in medical marijuana form is a small bit that I will smoke before bedtime. Just a few tokes from a blunt is all I need to fall asleep and sleep very well. More than a few of my friends agree that medical marijuana is helping with many different medical problems. It’s nice to see that times are changing and this plant is starting to get the proper acknowledgement that it deserves. Recreational marijuana is supposed to be legalized starting in the beginning of the year as well as there will be a lot more forms of marijuana available at that time. I’m going to try a lot of different things to see if some will help more than others to get me to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.


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