Growing didn’t go well

When recreational weed became okay in our state I started researching marijuana growing.

I figured I could save some cash by growing my cannabis products.

I bought seeds from the cannabis shop and went to work. After failing a few times I realized that I just didn’t have the right equipment. You need to have special HID or LED lights. There needs to be a Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan increasing temperatures and light per week. Also things like humidity, ventilation, nutrients and water play a key role with the plants growth, smell and effectiveness. I just didn’t have what it takes to grow marijuana. I have now just completely relied on our dispensary for our items. It is much nicer going into the legal weed shop and picking up what I need. I think I am getting a freshly grown strain of weed. The THC amount is actually what it says it is going to be and everything smells wonderful. There is a reason that cannabis growers are so huge. They need all that equipment and in order to sell to the cannabis dispensary, they need to make the product from seed to sale. I never had giant aspirations of selling the product, but I wasn’t even close to that point. It is nice to think some high end people are making what I am smoking now. It makes sense that not everyone is cut out for growing cannabis. It is almost like math or art. I just don’t have the cash, brain capability and patience for it. I better leave it to the professionals.


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