I am a different man about marijuana now

I was a cop for over 14 years.

  • I cannot tell you how many people I pulled over and gave them crap because of marijuana in their cars.

Looking back, I absolutely regret how hardcore I was to them. I quit the force a few years back in addition to never looked back. I have a little bit of anxiety from my time as a cop and I have knee pain from the job. So, I was reluctant when a buddy of mine told me to start using legal cannabis for my stress in addition to chronic pain. It’s just been bulldozed in me that marijuana is bad in addition to a gateway drug. It’s difficult to retrain your brain from 14 years of police work. But then again, that is my problem. That’s why I have the anxiety after all. After talking it over with several close friends, I finally decided I was going to try legal weed. I went to a recreational weed store in addition to they were entirely helpful in helping me find some legal pot to help me handle my anxiety in addition to chronic pain better. I like that they had cannabis oils in addition to edibles for me to try out. The thought of smoking a joint or a bowl does not appeal to me. It just has too many drug connotations. Anyhow, I’ve been using the legal recreational cannabis store for a few weeks now in addition to I have to say that it’s absolutely helping me a lot. That’s why I regret the way I treated people back before.

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