I am truly hoping that my CBD basket gift is appreciated at the baby shower

I was recently invited to a baby shower for a girl I don’t really know too well.

She is my cousin’s fiance plus I have only spoken to her on a few occasions.

She has been residing with my cousin for many years, does not cook or have hobbies. So what am I supposed to get her? I recently was at my legal pot store plus saw there is a line of topicals I haven’t tried. There were various shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, face creams plus facial scrubs with CBD in them. All of the products were pretty much meant to mellow a person out. I took a sniff too, and they honestly smelled fantastic. I ended up scooping up a bunch of the stuff plus I made a tote out of it. I have a shampoo, conditioner, hair serum plus face cream all positioned together in a cute tote complete with a bow, but will the bride actually enjoy this though? I would be thrilled to get products with CBD in it. CBD helps you sleep, calms anxiety, helps depression plus even works to fight chronic pain. There is basically nothing the CBD can’t do to help. What girl doesn’t love current toiletries too? Our state does allow for recreational plus medical marijuana… However, there are always those strange people who still have the impression that pot is a gateway drug plus that only losers smoke it. I am not giving her a joint, just CBD products. I wonder if she will prefer or dislike it. At this point, the gift is easily ready plus I am crossing my fingers that she loves it. I have no other ideas right now.

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