I can’t stand booze

It used to be that our buddies plus I would gathering plus drink, then as a group all of us would spend all of our cash for an high-priced uber, go to the bars plus spend tons of cash on fancy drinks, then occasionally all of us would go to someone’s condo plus they would be stuck providing alcohol for all of us; I hated drinking.

I hated that I spent the whole time needing to pee plus it took forever to get drunk.

During the times that I was drunk I wasn’t exactly cheerful. I tended to get loud plus aggressive when hammered plus would need to leave public sites for being a disturbance, but the next afternoon our hangover would be so rough. I frequently would always throw up, it was so violent of a reaction, then since our state has allowed for legal cannabis for recreational purposes, our social life is a lot better. I much love smoking legal weed over booze. Our group of friends now go to the legal weed store downtown for me to pick up some stuff. The people I was with and I all pitch in plus smoke at someone’s house, and you can smoke or take an edible, not a single one unquestionably cares. The people I was with and I all get high together and also come down together. While I am high I am cheerful, gleeful plus loving. Not long after I feel normal. I don’t get sick or believe embarrassed about what I have done. Smoking legal cannabis is just a way better experience for me than getting drunk ever was. I certainly don’t guess I will ever drink again now that there are so many legal marijuana stores near me.

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