I don't cut any corners

I have heard of cannabis growing machines, but truthfully, I can tell you those are way too high-priced.

I sincerely love going the aged school route and using a great sized traditional grow tent for my needs.

This way I am able to supply the right amount of daily humidity, CO2, air flow, and ventilation. I don’t need a unit to do all of that fun maintenance stuff for me! I also adore to breathe on my plants and send beautiful romantic thoughts to them. I find this helps them to do better and I get far higher quality bud. Some people might think that is a bunch of nonsense and woo-woo Magic, but I swear by it. Anyway, as long as you consistently deliver your cannabis plants with everything they need including excellent organic fertilizer, plenty of oxygen in the soil and aerated water, they will honestly do well and grow nicely. One thing to consistently be careful about is to not accidentally deliver your cannabis plants with too much fertilizer, that can unfortunately cause them to have all sorts of complications including nutrient burn. It understandably is difficult and anxious when you have plants that are disfigured and you know that it could have been avoided. There are not too many things I adore more than cannabis plants, so I undoubtedly feel as if I am living the dream with an official cannabis growing license. Because I have this professional growing license, I am able to sell my cannabis flowers to the best local dispensaries. I love what I’m doing, and I honestly have a lot of pride in my cannabis grows.

Starting a grow house