I don’t know what I will do without a good cannabis delivery service

All this time inside has me bouncing off the walls, plus I think it’s only going to get a lot worse as we move forward. With a lot of physical, local options entirely taken from me, I’ve been studying as much as I can online, to see what is out there for delivery… Most of the online stores I am finding have awesome prices, but it all seems totally shady to me! Call me old fashioned, although I care about seeing plus smelling plus touching the thing before you actually choose to buy it, so you completely know what you are getting. Seeing as how driving to the cannabis dispensary is not an option right now, I may break down plus try out a single one of these online cannabis shops. I am truly nervous, though, because the world of the internet is very tricky, plus I would guess cannabis plus CBD related products would be totally problematic. If you choose to get a book online, then you get the book plus can tell if it’s legit, although I can’t tell the potency of a cannabis flower, or the THC content of a CBD vape cartridge, until I have sampled it. With an online cannabis dispensary I have no way of getting to see if their products are any good, so it’s a massive gamble. I did my due diligence plus visited plenty of fan forums plus Reddit pages about online cannabis dispensaries to get their advice! There were a lot of conflicting opinions, of course, but there were a good amount of names that kept coming up as reputable, if costly, cannabis dispensaries that would deliver to my front door.

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