I had some passion

They say if you do what you prefer, you never have to toil a day in your life. I am that lucky type of woman who works 60 hours a week at minimum, as well as consistently feel as though I just came off of a getaway… My work is my life as well as my passion, as well as although I stay on the road for weeks at a time there is nothing I would change about it. Since I own my very own RV, I never even have to take commercial flights or stay in hotel rooms, I bring my household with me. For years now, medical cannabis has been a serious passion of mine, both personally as well as politically. Now I get to take my show on the road, going to states where medical marijuana legalization is something on the political forefront so I will be able to make a difference. First of all, I am out here to promote medical marijuana use, as well as nothing beyond the scope of that. Personally I am all for recreational marijuana use as well, however in terms of making things entirely legal, I strongly feel the medical applications are far more important. One day, after the people I was with and I have secured political as well as legal victories in all 50 states for medical marijuana use, after that I hope to turn my overall focus to recreational use. My feeling is that almost everyone honestly should have access to marijuana regardless of the reason behind it! But since there are so several medical benefits to cannabis use, it would be totally selfish of myself and others to not toil the hardest for those people who it can help out the most.