I have trouble making treats

My local dispensary never has anything available. I have entirely good costs on flower, tincture, edible, plus topical marijuana relief products. It’s no surprise that they are frequently out of stock. Unfortunately, they haven’t had a sizable selection in weeks. I usually buy lemon drops, red dreams, plus Kush, however they were out of everything. They didn’t even have any shake or popcorn. I was entirely bummed out, because I was on my way out of town for a long weekend. I was hoping to purchase some supplies before I left, so I would not have to worry about anything when I arrived at the hotel. I was happy to find a dispensary entirely close to the venue I was staying at. I decided to walk, since it was a nice day and only 2 blocks away. The medical cannabis dispensary had a lot of unusual products plus I was amazed by the selection. They had two times as many items in stock as my typical cannabis dispensary. The budtender was far more excited about all of the products. I got assistance picking out the right strain to help me sleep at night plus wake up refreshed and energized. I left the marijuana dispensary with tons of items to last all weekend. I even had a few edible treats, which is something that the marijuana dispensary in my neighborhood does not offer. If I want edible marijuana treats, I have to make them on my own. I have tried making brownies and cookies, but they don’t taste entirely good. I must be doing something wrong, because they taste like dirt.