I might be the head man in charge

I just had a really great interview.

I recently met with a large-scale pot farming operation about running one of their cultivation facilities. Had you told me 10 years ago that I would be running a major commercial grow operation, I’d have told you to see a professional for help. But that’s exactly what happened. For the better part of the decade, I have had my own private grow room. It’s an above board grow room and I started out when medical grow rooms were first licensed. That’s been a while and it’s been a fun journey as well. Pot farming has long been a passion of mine. Whether it was my little grow box or a commercial grow op, I loved every single aspect of cannabis cultivation. And that never occurred. The result is that my grow room produced some of the most sought after cannabis in the region. I loved growing pot for the medical cannabis dispensaries all those times. And then the state went legal for recreational weed. My grow room operation sort of had to find a niche market. The product from my years of pot farming is so great that I can still sell to a tiny market. But now, I’ve been approached to take my cannabis cultivation talents to modern heights. I will be joining a major commercial grow op as the supervisor of it all. And I will have an investment in the supplier as well. Sure have come a long way since that first little grow box.

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