I need a little more information

Hiding inside most of your life is not healthy, at least it’s not been for me.

Perhaps there are people that entirely like being split off socially. They must love being hidden away. For me, it was the only way I could deal with it. Since I was in my early years, I have had crippling anxiety and socially was afraid to interact. For some reason, I have a real feeling that I am being ridiculed and judged all the time. My logical side of my brain knows this. But until I started using medical cannabis, I easily wasn’t able to listen to the smart part in my brain. Having access to a medical marijuana dispensary has changed everything for me. It started when my cousin asked me to read some cannabis information that he had gotten off his computer. He too deals with anxiety, just not to the amount that I do. My cousin told me that he was experiencing a great deal of progress managing his anxiety and wanted me to at least consider medical weed. Well, the initial cannabis information I got from my cousin intrigued me enough to then do my own research. This resulted in me searching for cannabis stores near me. From there, I decided that I would go through the marijuana process in order to get my medical marijuana card. This process went easy enough. Yet, I was too anxiety ridden to go to the medical cannabis shop. So my cousin helped me. And he was right. The staff at the cannabis dispensary were so kind and compassionate. They were gentle people which easily put me at ease. They were able to set me up with the cannabis products for my anxiety.

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