I need her help

My sibling has COVID.

It has been a large pain in the rear because I see him all the time. Him and I also were still doing marijuana growing together. I still have all the equipment. I have the grow lights, nutrient system plus hydroponic device. I also know when logistically the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C settings plus lighting needs to change in the growing process. My sibling does all the grunt work plus supplies extra currency when needed. I cut and dry the plants. My sibling is the 1 that cures the plants and does the final steps of the process. Now that he is sick, he is out of commission. I cannot spend time cleaning our facility. I can’t waste mornings cleaning every surface after he has gone in there. Doing the total growing procedure alone has been hard though. I easily need to hire a worker to inspect the plants, adjust the lights plus decrease the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C throughout the month. The plants can’t stay at the same temp plus amount of light. You wreck your yields plus the aroma of the plant. I might need to update and get everything automatic. There are systems that permit you to set a temperature control program. I could have the lights on a timer plus just have them automatically do the decreasing. That way the only work I would need to do is the splitting, drying plus curing all by myself. That is not the most difficult section of production.

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