I need it for medical cannabis

When I got into my new house I just loved it. But, I didn’t easily check out the garage. It wasn’t until I moved in that I observed there was a separate box taking up a lot of square footage. It appeared to be completely set up for cannabis cultivation. I knew what it was as soon as I saw it. My partner, on the other hand, thought it was for veggie plants. I informed him that people don’t spend this kind of money on grow lights to grow melons plus berries. This is easily a cultivation room for cannabis. But, I am surprised that the previous owners left all of this lavish growing gear behind when they left. My partner wants to try to sell it if possible. If he can’t, he wants to use it for his orchids. I have another idea. I want to use this cultivation room to grow medicinal cannabis. My partner is comfortable with the idea that I use medical weed. He is less comfortable with the fact that I want to grow our own. He doesn’t want the boys to find out, then cannabis is allowed in this area, all a few states over. Besides, medical cannabis is high-priced. I could save a lot of cash if I grew our own. I believe this modular cultivation room is literally a gift from above. It has everything I could need to get began plus it was just handed to us. It would be dumb to sell it.


Cannabis grow cabinet