I purchase marijuana all the time

The last state I was living in, only had cannabis available in a medical form.

  • The only way to purchase marijuana, was with a medical card.

Now, I am living in a state that is a bit more forward thinking and they have several cannabis dispensaries. Here cannabis is accessible for those who want the cannabis for recreational. There are quite a few cannabis dispensaries in this area. I have a dispensary that is only about a block from me. I like that I can look online and see what they have on special every week. It isn’t like going to the store, because they have extra specials in-store that you won’t find online. Like last week, I went into the store and they had Girl Scout Cookies marijuana for half off. Just recently, my cannabis dispensary started doing delivery. I would have never thought that a cannabis dispensary would do delivery. I think what I like most about the cannabis dispensary is that their budtenders are so educated. They must constantly giving these people training. They seem to know everything about this stuff. If there are any questions about cannabis, the budtender will give me a good answer. I have a lot of choices I can make when it comes to cannabis dispensaries. I prefer to go to this one because of how well trained these people are. The quality of the marijuana and the quality of the budtenders, makes it the best on to go to. They have everything imaginable, from cannabis oil to edibles, so why would I even think of anywhere else.

Cannabis delivery