I really do love the cannabis oil

After I moved to my new apartment, I soon found that there was this little cannabis dispensary that is close to my home. I have a lot of pain sometimes and my PTSD keeps me in the house. I like that I can call the dispensary and they will deliver my order to me. I never thought there would be a cannabis dispensary that would do any type of delivery. When I found out it was an option, I started getting my deliveries once a week. They will bring over a bag of my items and they will even put in extra little items as samples. Normally I will order some cannabis oil because it is the product that works best for me. The cannabis oil seems to help both the pain and the PTSD that I suffer with. I tried edibles and I even tried pot brownies, but nothing works as well as my oil. The cannabis oil I would prefer to use is called OG Kush. The dispensary I go to most often, normally carries the OG Kush, but there has been a couple times when it wasn’t available. At that point, I will get Girl Scout Cookies. I think the names they use for the marijuana is a lot of fun, but I would buy it even if it was called something really strange. The only thing I really care about, when it comes to the oil, is that it helps me to deal with my PTSD and the pain I have. My weekly supply of cannabis oil is delivered right to me and I don’t need to worry about being out amongst a lot of people.


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