I thought marijuana users were all pot heads

I used to be one of those uneducated simpletons who didn’t at all understand any of the facts about what cannabis actually is or what it can do for you. I didn’t know about all of the health benefits that you can get from CBD and THC from using different marijuana products like marijuana oil pens or edibles such as gummies or pot brownies. I actually used to look down my nose at the people who would go and visit marijuana dealers or cannabis dispensaries. I always used to think that these people were nothing more than lazy pot smokers who would never be able to get their lives together. Man, how times and my opinions have changed! The tables have certainly turned for me in the past several years. I was diagnosed with scoliosis a few years ago, and I gained my medical marijuana card so that I could legally purchase marijuana anywhere to help me deal with the chronic pain that has come as a result of my condition. I study several articles about the benefits of medicinal marijuana and how it has significantly less side effects than conventional medication does. I started going in and hanging around at our legal recreational cannabis dispensary, just so I could begin asking questions to find out how cannabis products work, and everyone was really friendly, and they helped me find the best legal recreational cannabis and medical marijuana in my area, and for things that I couldn’t buy in the marijuana store, I was able to get set up for legal weed delivery!


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