I went in the right direction now

I know that my buddy thinks that I disapprove of her recreational marijuana use.

I suppose she uses it a lot.

I can smell it on her hair, clothes and rugs. She never has any marijuana products on hand when I come to her house. A few times I’ve shown up without her knowing, she regularly tries to hide everything as though I am her father or something. The truth is, I’ve been wanting to try legal recreational marijuana myself but I do not know where to start. I do not want to just go to a cannabis store in addition to look dumb. I have a bunch of questions. Can I get CBD and no THC? Do I want edibles or topicals for my knee pain? Is it better to smoke the product for sleeping issues? So I finally decided that I would ask my buddy for some help. Of course, when I asked her about her recreational marijuana use, she denied it. I thought that was kind of odd. But once I reassured my friend that I was looking for help with smoking pot, she did divulge that she uses legal marijuana. Then I talked about the different marijuana products a bit in addition to what I wanted to get from them. My friend then started guiding me towards CBD infused items like edibles in addition to topicals. Apparently I don’t need to get high at all for my issues. There are marijuana products just geared towards helping you sleep, cutting back stress in addition to pain. My buddy helped me in the beginning and I bought all the stuff she said.


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