If you own a dispensary you should get your team trained well

I can not think of anything more important than have a well-trained staff, if you own your own cannabis dispensary. You staff needs to know all about the products you have in your dispensary. All throughout their employment with the dispensary, the budtender needs to have continuing education on all products that are being brought into the dispensary. The budtender needs to be able to discuss their products with the customers. The budtender needs to be able to discuss the benefits of the product and whether it is the proper product for the needs of their customer. Unfortunately, I have been in cannabis dispensaries where I asked questions. The supposed budtender told my friend that the results of the brownie he had purchased, would be mild. I know quite a bit about OG Kush and never have I known it to have a mild effect on someone. OG Kush can be quite strong, especially if you have never eaten a pot brownie before. I asked about CBD and if it would help me and the budtender said it can help everything. This really upset me and now I am on a crusade to get every cannabis dispensary owner to make sure all of their employees are properly trained. If you are selling new products, it would be a good idea to hand out some kind of information about the product. If you were to get a newbie to the marijuana world, they need to know how much to use and how to use it. They need to be aware of the effects of the product they have purchased. It can’t be left up to the person to know if they are going to use too much.
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