I’m not a fan of reporting illegal cannabis growing operations

As a park ranger, I have the privilege of working in the forest regularly. I honestly can go many days without interacting with another person face-to-face. I talk to the office on the iphone plus the truck radio, plus log my findings over my actual PC. It’s not super interesting, but basically what I do is try to locate problematic areas and also rotten trees in the woods plus parks of the city. I mark the actual ones that need to be taken down, plus report them to the office, who will get a cutting crew to come out. Another pressing duty I have is to report any cannabis crops I stumble across, so the police can burn them. This is a pretty huge part of the job I do not care about so much, because I smoke cannabis often plus hate to see it be wasted… On the other hand, I care about my job a huge amount plus it pays me well, plus I sincerely can’t jeopardize all of that just because I want to protect cannabis plants. I can’t harvest them on my own either, because everyone understands that marijuana farmers carry guns to protect their property. I can’t just ignore the marijuana plants either, because if another ranger learns about them they will guess I was supporting the illegal interest! So I regularly do my job. When I do come across cannabis, I never enjoy what I have to do next. Thankfully my job pays me well enough that I can head over to a cannabis dispensary whenever I want, plus not have to think about growing it or harvesting it entirely on my own.



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