I’m not happy that I was flunked because I wrote about CBD

When I was in high school, I had to do a paper for English plus it counted as a large part of our final exam.

I had to write about something that would affect us as the bunch of us got older.

I was just being a bit of a smart mouth when I told her I wanted to write about marijuana. She was telling me that if that subject was brought, she would flunk me without even checking the paper. I couldn’t believe she would be so self-righteous as to not even check the paper. I wrote my paper about marijuana plus CBD. I basically talked about how advantageous marijuana could be to patients who had cancer plus who suffered with Alzheimers plus even epilepsy. I explained what marijuana was plus how it was the CBD derivative that had the main healing power. I knew that they would be able to sell the CBD long before they could sell marijuana to the people. There were no hallucinative properties in CBD in the least. I had learned everything I could get my hands on about CBD plus the various forms that it could be made in. They were already experimenting with using marijuana on a number of cancer patients. It was being used to stop the intense nausea. I even looked into how marijuana or CBD could be used in children who had cancer or epilepsy. She didn’t even have a look at my paper plus she did flunk me. When I took my paper home, my father was absolutely livid. He wasn’t able to believe she didn’t pass me because of the subject of the paper. He basically went into the school plus told her he thought she had some nerve. She told him she didn’t flunk me because of the subject of CBD. She flunked me because it was not the subject I was actually assigned.

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