I’m not happy with the TSA not allowing me to bring my CBD along

If I found a magic lantern and summoned a Genie who gave me only a single wish I seriously know exactly what it would be.

I would wish for the entire TSA to be gone. I suppose anyone who ever has to fly on an airplane would agree with my sentiments here… Throw them all into the sun, for all I care. I pretty much have to use air travel every single month and the TSA officers do nothing but slow us down, cost us time, and make everyone incredibly irritated. Not to mention they eat up billions of dollars of tax currency, and provide nothing in return. I’m seriously mad because they confiscated my CBD oils when I was trying to get on the plane. I started a major fight then and there because as everybody knows CBD isn’t a way to get high, it’s medicine. These pricks were trying to take my medicine, and I mean they wanted to really take it, to steal my CBD from me and dispose of it sort of like it was some type of garbage. Of course I hit the roof, and took my CBD fight to everyone in the TSA office that would listen. This all led up to me having to give the agents a pretty serious lecture, starting with the creation process, about what CBD oil was, and what it was utilized for. By the end of it I had them convinced about CBD being a good thing, and they understood what CBD oil was and that it wasn’t an illegal drug. Then they said that didn’t matter in the least, illegal or not they still wouldn’t let me take the CBD oil on the plane with me.



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