It has changed since legalization

I’m so ecstatic to have the help of budtenders too

I haven’t entirely expanded my mind when it comes to trying different kinds of weed. I started out knowing entirely little about recreational weed. I grew up in a time and place where having access to pot wasn’t a thing. Yeah, I entirely didn’t pursue recreational marijuana at all. There were friends who could get me what I needed when I wanted it. Although, there was never any real consistency in weight or type. And then there was the whole safety facet of the entire thing. It just seemed to be more of a job than it was entirely worth. But with the legal marijuana allowed now, recreational marijuana is something that I can experience for the 1st time ever. I entirely never thought there would come a time where I could simply go into a store for our cannabis. When medical marijuana was okayed, I began to hold out hope that recreational marijuana wouldn’t be too far behind. And sure enough, it actually was legalized. Now, it’s safe and easy to pick up what you want. Some afternoons I will take a trip to treat myself. I will go to the local cannabis spot to have a look at all the cannabis products. I still am amazed each time I walk through the doors of the cannabis shop. It simply blows our mind that I am in a store and shopping for cannabis products. I’m so ecstatic to have the help of budtenders too. I never was able to talk to anyone who knew anything real about cannabis. They are smart, sweet and entirely kind. These folks listen to my needs and are able to pair me with the right product.

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