It is a better way to shop

I dislike when I have to deal with crowds.

  • I do not like being shepherded into a shopping outlet or a bank.

It’s terrible and I hate it when I feel like a bunch of cats being moved. This is a big reason why I tend to stick to local vendors for our goods and services. The shopping experience is far better as well. Plus, I would like to supply a lady cash rather than a faceless corporation. So, I was so ecstatic to make our first foray to the current marijuana company near me. The thing that drew me inside was the fact that it prided itself in its personal shopping experience. There wasn’t any sort of wild crowd pushing to get their cannabis products. Nah, I was greeted by a spotless, finely organized marijuana company that was good with customer service. I had the time to shop around too. I was able to find some sativa strains that I had always wanted to try. Then there were the edibles. I just like cannabis edibles. This is our favorite kind of cannabis. While I will use flower, I much prefer it when it is hidden in something with chocolate or sugar. It is so much easier for me to consume and I enjoy that the high feeling sneaks up on me! And all the cannabis edible varieties will keep myself and others exploring for a long time to come. From pot brownies to cake, it’s a must buy at the local cannabis spot. However, it is also the shopping experience that I like too.
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