It should really catch on

I am so happy that my local cannabis dispensary now offers delivery services.

I can grab whatever product I want, the morning I want it and sometimes I can narrow down the time.

That is the way I shop at our local cannabis spot. This is our typical process for ordering cannabis products. It still completely blows my mind that I can do this. Thankfully, our area has now made recreational cannabis allowed. Quick access to cannabis products has been way overdue. Legal marijuana suppliers have made it so our community is flush with cash. I hated the past days where there was so much secrecy and hush hush around getting weed. And no customer knew what kind of strain they were getting or the THC amount. I entirely couldn’t get my weed on a particular morning and in a timeframe I wanted. It was quite a guessing game. Now, the THC levels are clearly put on there as are the strains of the cannabis. I like taking my order online or calling the dispensary. I can even have our cannabis products delivered to me that entirely same morning. Not almost everyone is doing this and I’m shocked it hasn’t totally caught on. All I have to do is place the order, pay for it and then go about my morning. When I get home, the cannabis items will be on our doorstep. I just still can’t believe it’s as easy as all that. But it is and I sure am happy. It wasn’t all that long ago when smoking wasn’t allowed.