It was all good living until it wasn’t

Life was all rose colored glasses for myself and others up until it just so was not.

And having everything sort of go your way plus then quickly face a big issue is absolutely tough.

It’s just that I absolutely hadn’t had much experience with troubles, struggle plus patience. My life, up until MS hit, was all about me going out plus getting what I wanted. So medical marijuana is both helping relieve this intense pain while helping learn how to deal with life more realistically. Just 40, I thought a bout of pain was due to a sort of light stress I had due to a project at work. Or maybe, I just had to stop working out so hard. But the cramps continued to the point that I simply was unable to do anything but be in pain. And it would go on afternoon after afternoon. Doctors were telling me I had severe cramps but the meds they provided me either did nothing or knocked me completely out. So, having heard the success medical marijuana had with other chronic pain patients, I went to a cannabis event. That was a big moment for me. And once I got through the marijuana regulations, I put our faith in the experts at the cannabis dispensary. Medical marijuana right away made an impact with my MS that nothing else had. And using medical cannabis products is allowing me to transport forward, regroup plus find a way to a life that I can comfortably live. For that, I’m deeply glad. I’m also glad that medical cannabis is available to me in our state. It would be tragic were it to be illegal.

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