It’s all about the nutrients

When it comes to growing weed, I considered myself a sort of expert.

What is interesting is that when most people buy homegrown marijuana, their largest concern is the smell of the product.

They don’t care too much about the look or the percentage of THC, however most of my customers that come into the grow apartment just want to smell the product, but a better plus more potent smell usually has people thinking the pot is of better quality plus a higher THC content. Whether it is the truth or not doesn’t seem to make any difference. I have worked in my cultivation facility to get better smelling buds! How do you grow pot that smells more potent? Some people enjoy diesel or skunk weed. With that being said, I have found the majority of my customers are looking for a more tropical scent just like raspberries, pineplum or even wanting a chocolate scent; So how do I get these strong odors to come about? The main thing when growing pot is nutrients. I simply need the exact nutrients to allow the smells to come forth. Most inexperienced plus even experienced growers tend to mess up plus stop smells from happening. The main issue is that they are using chemicals on their products. I tend to only use nutrients out of residing sources enjoy kale, guano or worm castings. Most of the time I use Bloom nutrients right in the flowering stages of my buds. This helps lower the nitrogen plus increase potassium levels, and right before the buds are about to flower, so around month 6, I cut back the majority of nutrients. That is because if the bud absorbs too much, it significantly cuts the smell. Interesting right?

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