It’s finally legal

When I got my card that lets me have legal medical marijuana, I figured I was done, and i pictured myself walking into the medical medical weed store near me, picking up some legal cannabis and going home. I didn’t realize that there are tons of ways to ingest medical weed. I realized that my prescription allowed for both flower and oil. I have found through trial and error that I much care about oil and I enjoy vaping! A vape is so self-explanatory since you don’t need to wait to heat your particular product. I can take a few hits and be on my way, and cannabis oil basically can have the same stink, taste and feeling you get from a flower however is more efficient; The oil is self-explanatory to load and operate. The convenience factor is totally the kicker for me. Also, smoking cannabis oil through a vape is so discreet. I don’t ever try to flaunt the fact that I have medical grade weed. I particularly smoke because I need to have legal pot. I don’t want to share it at a gathering and let all the people get high, and when people see you light a bowl or a bong, they know that it is a gathering from the start. A quick puff on my vape and sometimes people assume I am smoking tobacco. I also can sneak away in a lavatory and smoke if need be. I keep my vape on a lanyard around my neck and under my shirt. I typically have it with me, however all the people have no idea that I do.
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