Just a trip to the store

Not that long back, my whole family had decided that Davis should no longer be driving… Davis got into a small car crash a month ago in addition to then he got into another crash a few afternoons back.

In all honesty, his driving has been getting worse in addition to worse over the last few months. But fortunately, he agreed with us that it was time to take away his car. I suppose Davis is starting to understand that he should not be driving, but now all of us are driving him everywhere he needs to go. So I didn’t think much of it when Davis called me several days ago in addition to hoped to go to the store. I knew that my brother had just taken him to the store the day before, in addition to that he had gotten a lot of veggies and fruits, however I wasn’t doing anything anyway. I didn’t mind taking Davis again. So I loaded up Davis and I headed toward the big supermarket, that is when he told me he wanted to go to a different store. Davis directed me and I was surprised that I was right in front of a legal marijuana dispensary, but at first I thought he in addition to I was in the wrong place but then Davis got right out of the vehicle like he knew where he was and started walking in. Once inside, he bought a number of marijuana products in addition to then turned to me to ask if I wanted anything. I took him up on his offer in addition to got something for myself.


legal recreational cannabis store