Learning some new things

If you ask me, it’s been more about managing risk plus seeing the world through that paradigm.

  • I am trying to say that in a lot of ways, who can blame myself and others right? There is so much out there that has the potential to absolutely do mangle to your life if you let it.

As a result, I tend to be guarded when it comes to possibilities. Whenever they do indeed come, I assess plus critically analyze all aspects of risk involved in doing whatever. That may be nice when you are talking about a complicated financial investment. However, that is no way to approach life. I am finding this out now thanks to cannabis being a section of my life now. Marijuana laws have been moving around here plus cannabis dispensaries began to pop up. I would see them on my way to or from work. Honestly, it all started out because I was just curious. Having not been a recreational marijuana user, I had a natural curiosity about it. I started my proper risk benefit analysis. Fortunately, my wifey just stopped myself and others and grabbed the keys to the vehicle plus off the people I was with and I went to the cannabis dispensary. The adolescents were away for the weekend so the people I was with and I had the number one option and I was ruining it by overthinking it. My wifey had used cannabis back in the day so she was able to open some samples. This past weekend absolutely did change the way I am viewing life now. It’s not quite as serious as I tend to make it. There is plenty of magic out there in life if you’ll simply allow yourself to see it.

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