Looking to boost the CBD

I have been growing pot for a very long time and I have our own growing facility, then i grow enough of our product and have enough experience to target particular qualities I want, but tons of men and women try to get better flowers or bulbs, and other labor to get a higher THC content… For me, I want to grow marijuana with higher CBD in them.

CBD is the magic in the marijuana plant. CBD can assist with chronic pain, stress, depression plus even nausea; Have trouble sleeping? Severe acne or dementia? CBD oil or infused products can genuinely help you out. How do you get marijuana plants with higher CBD? It has been somewhat of a hard road as far as growing it, however getting the CBD heavy strains is hard thanks to genetics, but you can’t force a product with the right lights, temperature or environment to produce more CBD. You need to have the usual genetics in the flower right away. So I need to get seeds with higher CBD. I have found this to be quite hard because getting seeds in our state is not self-explanatory. Shipping all the way across and driving across state lines is also illegal when you have seeds. I have found that auto flowering strains tend to produce higher CBD, which would be almost 2%. With that being said, getting the seeds for that strain is not self-explanatory. What I mainly have is clones of plants with relaxing CBD in the strain. Getting hands our hands on clones has not been fun though. I had to ask our growing competition for them, not everyone is very excited to share.


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