Marijuana growth saves the farm

My father has been trying to resurrect our dying peanut farm for over a decade now.

He finally sat me down and said that he was going to have to sell. Then he apologized for not being able to give the farm to me someday. This farm has been in our family for 4 generations. I looked him right in the eye and said, “why don’t we grow pot”. At first he thought I was joking but I wasn’t. He seemed to think about it for a while. Then he said, “I have no idea how to grow marijuana”. Neither did I but I figured we could learn pot farming. After all, lots of people have done it so why not us? We decided to try marijuana farming on a small scale first. We did a lot of research over the winter season. In early spring we got our marijuana growing equipment and started marijuana cultivation. I have to say, there were some mistakes made but this has been our most successful farming year in a long long time. We only planted the marijuana in the ground this year but next year we are already talking about large scale grow rooms, green houses, and climate controlled facilities. Then we can grow year round. I don’t see any reason why we can erect grow rooms over this entire farm. Maybe not next year but in the following years. We are not going to lose this family farm after all. We just had to change up our crop a little. I had no idea my father would be so accepting of the plan though. I should have mentioned it earlier.


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